🍯HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN 🍗INSTANT POT RECIPE | Cook with Me ~ Large Family Mom Style!

HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN INSTANT POT RECIPE Cook with Me Large Family Mom Style 737x415 - 🍯HONEY GARLIC CHICKEN 🍗INSTANT POT RECIPE | Cook with Me ~ Large Family Mom Style!

This chicken Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker Recipe is delicious served over a bed of brown rice with some fresh veggies on the side. We enjoyed raw cauliflower with ranch dressing with ours. If you’re eating low carb, you can serve it over riced cauliflower. Anyway you serve it, it is yummy! Here’s the Instant Pot Recipe on Large Family Table

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  1. HELP! I am in the market for an Insta pot. $?# when I looked online there were several different *#$%&$ I would like to get the one like you have, your first one that you purchased. Who is the manufacturer, please?

    • Sure! This is my Amazon affiliate link for the 8 qt Instant Pot The manufacturer is Instant Pot. 🙂

  2. I love your videos, Jamerrill! I don’t have a large family, #!$ I’ve been binge watching you lately.

  3. That sounds delicious! I think my family would love that with some yum yum sauce on it! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Ha! Love the way you say cayenne for cayenne pepper. I haven’t heard it pronounced “shy-ann” before!

    • Well, add a tired mom on a mission to still get in 10K steps, and you’ll get some slurred speech, haha!

  5. I rediscovered your videos this last week after a busy year with my first baby and I am enjoying binge watching them all!

  6. I make this recipe sometimes. It is so good. My kiddos like it a lot . I enjoy your videos so much.

  7. I’m always so happy to see any new video you !@ out. This one is great! Prayers and love to your family.

  8. Where are Avalanche and Glacier? I feel like we never see them anymore. Seeing the dog door in the kitchen door reminded me to ask. Ha!

    • Oh, Avalanche and Glacier won’t %&% through that cat door, lol! They spend about 12 hours a day outside and 12 hours a day (evening and overnight) inside. Just like the older kiddos they don’t live up my armpit like the younger kids do so you won’t see them often. I do show them before a walk in an upcoming Week in the Life vlog, so look for that 🙂

  9. If you #t* the instant pot on saute immediately with a little water before you start adding ingredients it takes much less time for it to come to pressure. Another great video from you, thanks for sharing

  10. That chair I a smart idea Travis. If you are feeling you would like to try a YouTube video to see how you like it we would love to see it.

  11. I make this in my slow cooker all the time with frozen chicken. No body’s got time to thaw it! Turns out just fine.

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