3 Easy Vegan Recipes + Meal Plan DIY

3 Easy Vegan Recipes Meal Plan DIY 737x415 - 3 Easy Vegan Recipes + Meal Plan DIY

Today we are making 3 easy vegan bowl recipes and I’m showing you a meal planning DIY! I hope you all had a great start to 2018. Here’s to another year of great food! xo

Spicy Chickpea Bowl:
Comfort Food Bowl:
Gravy Recipe:
Crispy Tofu recipe:
Meal Planning DIY:


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50 Comments on 3 Easy Vegan Recipes + Meal Plan DIY

  1. LOVED this!! Love the DIY bit at the end! I use a bullet journal so this would be a great addition to my weekly spread 😄

  2. Those looked so good!

    And that journal was a really awesome idea! It looked so tidy ❤️ I definitely have to try that out.

  3. I just found you and I love your videos! Thank you so much for your tips and recipes! They $$l* be very !!&!&l? I also love the meal planning. Keep posting these *f$$$#*?*# videos! Thank you!😊

  4. sometimes (and with sometimes i mean everytime i watch your videos) i am so happy that i found your channel! love all your ideas – defo gonna try them out next week! x

  5. Oil is completely unnecessary for roasting vegetables in the oven or sautéing. Just use water instead to ditch those processed !*?*&

  6. I really really love this meal plan diy!!! I am so @@&?@*%# you do that $% I am moving out soon for very first time and this can just save me haha

  7. These all look so good 😍😍 The second one reminds me of a KFC bowl, which I used to love back in the day haha. I’ll be trying these recipes for sure!

  8. #@@ love your mealprep-prep ^^
    Quick question : the frozen @%&&? you froze it already cooked I guess ?
    Thanks for the vids, i think i watch em for a year now and still enjoying what you do !
    Love from France 😘

  9. Amazing video ✌🏽💜 I am going to try some of those recipes, and keep going with the DIYs, I find them really useful 🤗

  10. THAT DIY THOUGH!! I didn’t even know I needed it #$& I DO. I often hesitate to do meal prepping or even making my own food, just because I never know what I have and need for more than one recipe/meal at a time. This is so clever, thank you Liv! Loved it!

  11. That pink bowl is from ikea in case anyone’s wondering. I got mine a few months ago and broke it after only using it once….. i never recover from that loss

  12. So delicious! Thanks to your recipes I decided that I am going to change my way of feeding myself to slowly become vegan ❤️ xo from Argentina

  13. Especially like the simple ?&? so efficient meal plan notebook idea! I can see that kind of system reducing food waste and saving so much personal energy.

  14. Loved the video! ?%* always) and the bullet journal diy definitely helps me, especially because I’m being extra &@!f&#@ of what I eat this yeAar!

  15. Love these recipes and how you are adding DIY’s to your channel! You make healthy eating and organized living seem easy!!!
    For your tofu dippers, I just bought all the ingredients to make them, do you cook them before putting them in the freezer????? So excited to try them!

  16. I really enjoyed the meal planning part!! I would like to see more ways to plan, shop and be prepared for the up ??*$&# weeks meals. I became vegan recently and I would love more (*in depth*) instructional videos on exactly how to achieve your great recipes! I really enjoy watching your videos so much!!!❤💙💛💚💜

  17. I love the diy notebook idea! I try to meal prep every week and I’m a super organized person. I’m actually surprised I never thought of that myself! Thanks for posting!

  18. I loved the meal prep idea! I am always all over the place when I try to get my ingredients together for my weekly meals, this $&*! be so @l$!l%& for me. 😃👍👌🏼

  19. Great ideas for quick meals AND meal planning! I have a%?*$ on this link to my FB group Super Quick Plant-Based Recipes. !%@#*@*** it *@* bring you more ‘subscribers’ – I LOVE your channel!!

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