A Quick And Simple Drywall Recipe That Kids With %%*@ !#l% Love

A Quick And Simple Drywall Recipe That Kids With Pica Will Love 737x415 - A Quick And Simple Drywall Recipe That Kids With Pica Will Love

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52 Comments on A Quick And Simple Drywall Recipe That Kids With @!$@ %$$! Love

  1. Thanks Jillian! My four year old daughter loves it! It’s such a quick and easy recipe that I finally have time to relax and *?$ down my Mom Stick

  2. It’s sad &## ther are so many tutorials for fatty, sugary “treats” for kids. And that despite a big study saying that even being above the 50th BMI-percentile s& a kid *l!* already decrease your 40-year health and survival chances.
    I wonder if children with Pica would actually benefit from the parents finding non-dangerous non-food stuff for them to eat. Because I don’t know if Pica can actually be directed at a certain food, instead of being made up of random desires.

  3. I can guarantee this works I’ve grown up all my life eating this it is great and nutritious. Although I do recommend drizzling some wet paint over the finished product to really nail the flavor

  4. Do you add HCl before ammonification of after organic reduction oxidation? Still can’t get that drywall burn I grew up on

  5. I think this would also serve #* a great midnight snack for Santa &$ he delivers the gifts this year. Cookies and milk must be ruined for him by now and I am certain he i%* appreciate this new innovative dish.

  6. The toppings bar is fine, ?t it’s always a good idea to try and use super-foods that contain extra anti-oxidants or minerals like bleach or a 1994 &a*$ Punto

  7. The EDTA is added to preserve freshness, not just for flavoring. This lets the drywall last for years even when periodically moistened, making it the perfect survival food.

  8. I guess i was the lucky one — my grandfather had access to a junkyard and I cant tell you how many foam carseats I went through. There’s nothing like fresh foam that has been baking in fake leather to get you through the day.

    Mind you I cant handle that today — that’s a snack for the young

  9. I made that for my kids. They ate it all they loved it!!! They fell out of there chairs they were so excited to get some seconds!!! I recommend this recipe.

  10. She is an AMAZING actress. @&% facial expressions—if you’re strange enough to @%$%*?$u!&* look for them–completely sell the acting. Holy @#!%! Do not let this woman sell you ANYTHING.

  11. At first I was really ?@@?#&#? to why she was using shredded paper to make food, &!* then After I saw that nails were involved I knew it had to be a joke.

  12. 0:48
    That’s not anti-foaming agent, it’s Brush Cleaner. Are you INSANE? It’s clearly not a safe alternative to wax and silica. What if someone ends up feeding this to their child!? You should only use a good silicone or mineral-oil based defoamer.

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