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Asian Style Keto Beef Salad Keto Recipes Headbangers Kitchen 737x415 - Asian Style Keto Beef Salad | Keto Recipes | Headbanger's Kitchen

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68 Comments on Asian Style Keto Beef Salad | Keto Recipes | Headbanger’s Kitchen

  1. I heard it’s hard to find beef in India. I traveled around few cities and I too could not find any place offering beef items.

  2. Got my wife watching. First thing out of e& &!@h was.. MMMMMMMMMMMM. Keep up the great work. Give the beef that BAM flavor with the curry powder. Have you lost your 6 lbs from Bangkok?

  3. i recommend adding a little bit of water into the pan to deglaze the browned thing. and you can get all the umami flavor not to burn 😀

    • Are you not seeing the amount of olive oil that goes into the dressing? Also below each video in the description box there is a link to the written recipe with macros. Check out the details there.

    • Tawny I have a cast iron *% well which I’ve used many times on the show %#@ I hate $&&$#@ it out because it’s so heavy and I don’t like the cleaning up process 😛 so basically I’m lazy.

  4. Looks and sounds tasty except for the Soy Sauce. I do not use any Soy. Curry Powder…… I have Regular Curry Powder and Hot Curry Powder. The fact is that many Americans use it to flavor their “Curries.” i bought it because it was very inexpensive and is mostly Turmeric. I eat lots of Turmeric for it’s medicinal value. I @$$? make this salad @!! $&*# leave out the Soy Sauce.

    • !@?# of umami (savory) flavor, liquid aminos seems to be popping up in recipes more than ever before. Basically soy sauce’s fancier cousin, liquid aminos is a &!%$& brown liquid that can be used any place you would normally use soy sauce or tamari.

      Two types of liquid aminos exist: soy or coconut. The soy version is made from only soybeans and water, while the coconut variety’s ingredients are coconut tree sap and sea &*!$! Both are great options for those avoiding wheat or alcohol, two ingredients that are normally found in traditional soy sauces. Because of this, liquid aminos is naturally gluten-free and paleo-friendly. (I have been interested in liquid aminos & found this. Might be a good sub (the coconut one for you) for the soy sauce, David!)

  5. You did great with the stainless &!$*@$*? All that luscious fond was soaked up in the mushrooms – YUM! This looks delicious – I’ll be trying it really soon. 🙂

  6. In Mauritius we always use curry powder. By the way can you do a keto aloo methi leaves recipe please. Thank you.

  7. Nice dressing. On a salad trip ? You could try a dressing with melted soft cheese ( I often use brie or gorgonzola ) or with spreadable sausage. Just add spices, oil and vinegar. Both are good in combination with eggs in the salad.

    • Yes Peter, we’re doing Salad week on HK which is basically 4 episodes over 2 weeks. 🙂 And those are some lovely dressing ideas.

  8. what’s the price of that curry powder??? it looks delicious ur salad ☺👍 thanks 4sharing 💝

    • Must have been like Rs.200 or something. You don’t get it in India though, I picked it up in Bangkok.

    • Headbanger’s Kitchen ☺👍 Oh really, i think in India people make their own curry powder??? here in U.S u can find curry powder anywhere include American’s grocery store, we always buy a bigger bottle cuz we use it a lot it cost abt $5 – $7. Anyway i appreciate ur response 👍💝

    • You can always make your own, too. There are a lot of recipes out there, &#% most of them have turmeric, paprika and cinnamon (or cardamom) #& a base.

  9. Am I the only one that found that homie routine at the end hilarious?

    Also I really want to try this $?$ looks expensive. How much can we get the shrooms for?

    • I got these shrooms from Bangkok u?% you do get them in India I think they cost like 120-150 a packet at Nature’s Basket. I think you can use the regular white mushrooms instead no problem. I had these so I wanted to use them. Glad you dig the end routine 😀

  10. love these salad videos , eaten salad three times this last week .

  11. LOL! *& you were @@$&@! the first bite, I was thinking, “I’d add some sesame seeds to that salad”. Great minds! and a great recipe!

  12. %##& in Germany almost exclusively curry powder is used. This is available in every supermarket for a few cents. &*% it is definitely delicious and solid ingredient of my kitchen

  13. OMG this is right up my alley!!! I have not even had breakfast yet & I am wanting this RIGHT NOW!!! lol

  14. This looks so good, my tummy is growling!! Asian curry is one of my favorites, *$% I love all curry so that’s no surprise! Ty

  15. When it comes to any spice mix, who cares if it’s authentic or not. If it tastes good, use it!

  16. When I saw those little droplets trickling down, I thought, &*&@$@!%!$!& he’s really committing to this whole death metal vibe, isn’t he?” Sometimes, I have too much time on my hands and my mind just runs. With peanut u?!@??* it seems to suggest an Indonesian sate.

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