ASMR? cooking 6 : Easiest Japanese Popular Breakfast / TKG好きですか?

ASMR cooking 6 Easiest Japanese Popular Breakfast TKG - ASMR? cooking 6 : Easiest Japanese Popular Breakfast / TKG好きですか?

Just mix → Done
: 1 bowl of steamed rice (sticky rice / sushi rice)
: 1 fresh egg
: Soy sauce (not old one)

* You can add a drop of sesame oil to enhance the flavor. Anything you like to add, it’d be your original TKG. I sometimes use black pepper, beni-shoga(pickled ginger), or ra-yu (chili sesame oil) .

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– runnyrunny999

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50 Comments on ASMR? cooking 6 : Easiest Japanese Popular Breakfast / TKG好きですか?

  1. たまごかけご飯美味しいですよね!!

  2. I’m from Spain and I discovered this recipe like 3 or 4 years ago and I
    love it, but I usually put a little bit (or a lot sometimes) of parmesan
    cheese on top and I really think it’s the most amazing combination, you
    should try it sometime.

  3. 大好だよ。I use slightly cooked egg with still runny yolk and barely coagulated
    whites and it’s so rich like an egg yolk sauce without the egg white
    diluting the taste. I love kamatama style udon too and raw egg yolk on no
    broth instant ramen. Raw egg in dishes is great. I let other people try it
    and they love it too but they don’t dare to make it themselves.

  4. Could you add a piece of video of you eating that dish in asmr style? Would
    be awesome. I love your videos so much~ Merry Christmas too!

  5. raw egg? nope nope nope nope nope. anyways i love your asmr videos, ?$& if
    you’d want the mt obe longer and possibly better you don’t need to edit
    much at all. maybe make some extra sounds that you wouldn’t make normally
    (such as tapping etc)

  6. The sound of this video is so relaxing! 🙂
    I love this dish, but I find this dish absolutely need good quality fresh
    eggs. Otherwise it taste kind of bad with refrigerated eggs. I actually
    make this with onsen tamago instead. The white is cooked a bit but it’s
    still liquid enough to mix. I guess it’s an option for those that don’t
    like completely raw eggs.

  7. I think I tried this once. I think it is an acquired taste #? I was a
    little put off at first, but I am willing to try any food a few times,
    before I’ll really ever say no to it. 🙂 and this looks extremely tasty
    right now. *stomach is grumbling*

  8. we have a breakfast that cannot be accepted by foreigners. and it is called
    Masala dosa … it has a lot of spices for a breakfast … but I personally
    enjoy it :)

  9. i tried raw egg when i was in *?*%@ and i liked it much more than cooked
    egg! LOL
    i can’t eat raw egg here in Brasil though, because of salmonella… ?
    (even tho i don’t totally cook it when i make oyakodon)
    here in Brasil we have lots of dishes that make the foreigners (even us!)
    think twice before eating! from “feijoada” to “dobradinha”, we use the
    organs of pigs and goats (heart, liver and such) so they look a bit
    disgusting for foreigners…

  10. To the people who are afraid to eat raw eggs: Don’t be. In most developed
    countries you will see that the eggs you buy in the stores are pasteurized!
    That means they’re safe to eat

  11. i use to drink raw egg when i was training martial art for years , i never
    once got sick or even a cold in my entire life. and i live in Norway

  12. 日本人ですが卵かけごはんが食べれない、、

  13. I can #&?#? you I love the taste of raw eggs on rice. &#% be ?*%f?*@ for
    those outside of Japan, look into what your government has as a standard
    for harvesting eggs and their quality. They can do this in Japan because
    it’s completely safe to eat them raw.

  14. I’ve not tried with raw egg before…I *?&? the egg a little in hot water
    first to make a soft-boiled egg or onsen egg before mixing with rice. It’s
    very good.
    (A traditional breakfast here in SG would be soft-boiled eggs with kaya
    toast so TKG is a bit similar I guess?)

    Merry christmas from Singapore!

  15. our eggs aren’t sold #% fresh at the grocery store in america. that’s why
    everyone here thinks its unsafe to eat raw eggs.

    but i bet you could just cook the egg sunny side up, or over easy so that
    it still has a really runny yolk and that would be good.

  16. I’ve had this before a couple times when I was feeling hungry #?* unsure of
    what to eat and I’ve always wanted to try it. It was pretty good but the
    gooeyness may not be for everyone.

  17. I eat this all the time! It’s so good and easy, have never had a problem
    with the eggs.
    Will just take my chances lol.

  18. I think some !*$$##@? people !&%? fry the egg a little bit and add the soy
    sauce while the yolk is still wet but the white is mostly cooked.

  19. if you @!& that in the microwave for 1 min to $#@@ the egg i would enjoy
    it. i dont like the consistency/texture of uncooked eggs. texture puts me
    off of a lot of different foods.

  20. Yeah, after living %!!# in ?*!!@ 8 months, i like to add raw egg to
    anything! Especially gyudon and ramen.

  21. まぁ日本ではどんなに安い卵でも「安全」が保証されてますからねぇ。

  22. For a lot of people reluctant about raw egg: if the rice is straight out of
    a cooker, it will probably cook the egg a little. What I want to know is
    whether “kake” translates to “with”, “and”, or something else entirely?

  23. +runnyrunny999 It looks good, &%! so true in America we’re not used to
    eating raw eggs. I’ll try it with an egg over easy. Greetings from Houston
    Texas, USA✌

  24. our eggs aren’t s@ pretty $! yours though, the yolks are !@%# yellow
    instead of rich golden orange.. and also I find raw albumen just tastes and
    smells weird, like.. kinda fishy?

  25. This is my go-to meal when I’m too lazy to make anything and there’s
    leftover rice in the fridge! I like it a lot

  26. Runny. It’s quite a mystery to me. The asian cuisine is &#& of
    carbohydrates and yet so many asian people have a great anatomy. That’s
    amazing. 😮

    Never tried some breakfast like this. But maybe I’ll do tomorrow. Thank you
    for this traditional recipe. 🙂
    Germany doesn’t have any traditional breakfast, so….there’s not really
    something I could contribute. :/

    Wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year!

    Sayonara (^-^)/”

  27. Hay Runnysan, I’d try this! Our traditional breakfast in the USA is fried
    bacon and eggs with toast. I’d love to try a traditional Japanese breakfast
    someday. Happy Holiday Runnysan, see you next year!!

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