Bulletproof Bone Broth: Quick Recipe for After Fasting

Bulletproof Bone Broth Quick Recipe for After Fasting 737x415 - Bulletproof Bone Broth: Quick Recipe for After Fasting

Make Bulletproof Bone Broth With This:

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Bulletproof Bone Broth: Quick Recipe for After Fasting – Thomas DeLauer

Fasting and ketosis really aren’t super, super complicated once you get the hang of it, but one of the questions that comes up a lot is how to break a fast properly and I figure this is a perfect recipe for you to know for when it comes down to breaking your fast while remaining ketogenic. A lot of people like to do ketosis in conjunction with fasting, but I also want you to know that this recipe is really good for anybody. You don’t have to be doing ketosis, you don’t have to be in a fasting protocol or anything like that, this is just a tremendous way to use bone broth and really make an awesome almost bullet-proof style bone broth latte. So I’m gonna tell you about all the ingredients so you have a solid understanding. If you haven’t already, make sure you hit that subscribe button for three to five videos per week and a ton of live coaching broadcasts.

Let’s start with the star of the show, we’ve got bone broth. In this case, we have grass-fed beef bone broth. It is very important in this case that you’re going with beef instead of the chicken, that’s simply because of the higher collagen content. One of the reasons we are using bone broth in the first place is because we want to stimulate more collagen in the body. Collagen is gonna help heal the gut because the gut gets a little bit crinkly and a little bit brittle after you’ve been fasting for an extended period of time, so adding that collagen in there can really help you out a lot. Plus the glutamine that bone broth contains is really, really good for boosting the immune system especially when you’re coming off of a fast.

Now as you well know by now if you follow my channel, I am a huge proponent of Kettle & Fire. I partner with them on a lot of videos, so their bone broth is by far the best one that you’re gonna find simply because it has apple cider vinegar in it and because it’s actually truly made from marrow, not just stock like a lot of bone broth companies say so there’s my plug for them, their link is down below so you can get my special discount on it, so beef bone broth, all right.

I’ve warmed it up for about two minutes so that it’s hot because we’re gonna need it so the coconut oil melts, which leads me to the next ingredient which is one and a half tablespoons of coconut oil in this case. I’ve already got it premeasured out. Here’s the thing. We’re not using the coconut oil for the benefit of the MCTs in this case. I mean, those are great, the medium chain triglycerides are awesome, but we do have to know that coconut oil is only about 20% MCT. The other 80% of the coconut oil is a long-chain fatty acid known as monolaurin or lauric acid, it converts to monolaurin within the body. The reason we want this is it staves off gram-negative bacteria within the gut. Remember how I mentioned after fasting your body is very sensitive? Well, your gut is even more sensitive. It’s a perfect time to capitalize on good bacteria and it’s a perfect time to kill off some of the bad bacteria when the gut is rather fragile. Plus, this coconut oil is what’s gonna give it a really full bodied taste, and of course the MCTs don’t hurt too. Those help you burn a little bit more fat.

Now the interesting stuff. Cream of tartar. Why cream of tartar, and I’ve got a quarter teaspoon of this by the way. Cream of tarter is exceptionally high in potassium. The reason we want potassium in this case when we are breaking a fast or just in general is because what it’s going to do is it helps the insulin process in the pancreas. So basically, it allows the pancreas to become a little bit more sensitive with insulin but also regulates how much insulin is produced by the pancreas. If we don’t have enough potassium, we don’t have that ion exchange between potassium and sodium, when we break our fast, even with just a couple grams of carbs, our insulin levels can skyrocket through the roof and throw us totally out of whack. High levels of insulin equal more fat gain and less fat loss, so this potassium helps os out. It puts the minerals right back in the body that we need really quick.

Then I have a quarter to a half a teaspoon of cayenne. You can go a little bit more if you’re feeling good, &&$ this stuff is spicy so it definitely can ruin the drink if you go too much. The reason I’m doing that is simply for a metabolism boost. Studies have shown that there is about a 45 minute period after consuming cayenne that you have a good boost in your metabolism.

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60 Comments on Bulletproof Bone Broth: Quick Recipe for After Fasting

  1. I am making this tomorrow morning. Although I don’t have a magic bullet blender %?& I have something similar. It looks good and I trust your recommendation. He goes nothing

  2. 10 oz warm Bone Broth (Kettle & Fire – Beef flavour)
    1.5 Tbsp Coconut Oil
    1/4 tsp Cream of Tartar
    1/4 – 1/2 tsp Cayenne
    1/4 tsp Ginger
    @?* all in a Magic Bullet and ?@?%* for a couple seconds. Pour and enjoy.

  3. Great video Thomas! Just an out of the blue question i had for you: is stevia similar to sugar alcohols in the sense that they break your fast? Love your stuff!

  4. Does ginger break a fast? Cuz i use it with ACV, lime, %r?%#%%% dash o black pepper and ginger so i dont know if that breaks my fast

  5. I am eating 3500 calories a day with Keto. My only carbs whether fibrous or not come from kale, parsley, broccoli, avocado, organic Peanut u$$*#%! raw macadamian nuts, pecans, walnuts, and brazil nuts. I get a few miniscule amounts of carbs from organic salsa on my eggs, organic sour cream, nutrional yeast and unsweetened almond milk. Maybe a gram or two from multiple brown eggs.

    I am %?!$##?? because my tracker has me at around 75g of carbs with 40g of fiber. Am I still getting too much carbs? I am very active and I lift weights heavy a few times a week. I am 26, about 7 percent bf and have a fast metabolism.

    Can anyone with more knowledge than me enlighten my stupid s#*@ I watch a lot of these videos *t? I just want to make sure I am stayin in Ketosis because I am just starting out. I have over a few years experience with intermittent fasting, so its not like my body has never been in “ketosis”.

    Ps, since I am eating or plan on eating a fairly large amount of calories, is it okay that my carbs are higher ** long !% I am still around 75 percent fat and 20% #*t@#*#!

    • Ryan Egan I want to o!?#* net carbs. If your tracker is counting fiber !* a carb, then you have to subtract the amount of fiber.
      75g (total carbs) – 40g (fiber) = 35 net carbs.

      However, if your tracker is not including fiber in the total count then you have to reduce ur carb intake.

      People usually put 50g net carbs as the “magical” limit, but it really isn’t that black and white. Other claim that ideally you should be below 20g net carbs. I think that if you’re a big guy you can handle more carbs. Tiny guys like myself better be more cautious. Hope this helps

    • Thanks for the reply. I do know the total carbs minus fiber equals the net carbs. My tracker does have me about 35g of net carbs. *#& yeah I am not sure if that is even too much. It all just gets really $&*?%*#?!! I guess I need to buy some test strips. I would not consider myself &? a ??&*@$ guy at 180 lbs, which is why I am worried 35 may even be too much.

  6. Forget about ordering from Kettle and Fire. They’re amateurs. First, they’re having sourcing problems ignoring, shorting, and/or delaying ?&#**!!$@ for two months now — not a good way to develop a direct selling customer base. However, they seem to be taking care of their retail org customers quite well since you can find it at Sprouts and Whole Foods. Totally ineffective customer service people (I’d gamble to say that it’s actually only one person); they’re emailing maniacs but never resolve the problem; just a constant stream of excuses, “we love you’s”, etc. No one wants lip-service; just move/sell the product…

  7. % Thomas, I’m having troubles after breaking my fasting, every time I eat, after #?&&%!##? my meal, I feel nauseated and revulsion even having a gagging reflex, sometimes I take a sugar free candy and that stops the reaction, ?#! it bothers me every​ time and it’s disgusting. I’m on 23:1 IF, any advice about my problem?

  8. Off topic any advice on a workout for someone waiting for an umblical hernia operation. .blew it out from crossfit..I know diet..any advice would be great..thank you.

  9. Can I still make it without a blender? I think it already looks delicious even if it isn’t blended, *! long @% it’s hot enough to melt the coconut oil.

  10. I’ll be trying this in the morning! I just took some homemade organic grass fed beef bone broth out of my freezer! Thanks for sharing Thomas!

  11. Does anyone know the best way to heat up the bone broth? I know minutes was said in the video !@@ he doesn’t say what method he used

  12. What are your thoughts on great lakes beef gelatin? Breaking a fast, or even in general?
    Its not the same as this but it’s also a collagen joint care powder.

  13. Fantastic!!! I’ve been searching for a good source of Potassium… Cream of Tartar fell totally off my scope… Thanks for the reminder… I get most of my Magnesium from Epsom ?l*@* baths. I’m still looking for good sources of other electrolytes…

    • Rapunzel Vegetable Boullion (1g sodium per half cube, $#?? break fast)
      NoSalt – potassium seasoning
      Natural Calm magnesium

  14. I love bone broth !*$ that kettle and fire has such a weird taste to me. I think it’s the added ACV… I’m trying to get used to it &** idk might switch back to another brand. I do not like ACV in my drinks. I just do a big ol’ ?&$? of it straight up like a man before %&@%@!? my broth or having my BPC.

  15. Dear Thomas. Thank you so much for your advises. Bone Broth seams very good. *t? #! I live in Switzerland, it’s difficult to get it ?!*?? It’s not really such a $@% ?%#! @$ in the States. Is there a recepie for DIY? I am in Ketosis about 10 days now (in combination with 18/6 intermittend fasting, and I would like to “do my best”. Thank you again and greetings from Zürich, Switzerland – Anita (sorry for my imperfect english)

  16. I have so much trouble drinking bone broth. I make it myself because they don’t sell Kettle and Fire e**% in the Netherlands. I’m glad that you now included some more ingredients to the bone broth. #!$!?#?$% it does taste better now. Thanks!!

    • I can’t say a BuzzFeed rip-off article sites peer-reviewed studies on broth is credible either. Upon googling, I found it to be split down the middle on the bennies of bone broth. Many folks who fast and/or do keto dieting feel that it works for them. When I eat chicken noodle soup when I have a bad cold, it makes me feel good. Scientific research or not, I’m really OK with that.

  17. Great video *? always, do you have any advice on the best way to supplement electrolytes on extended fasts? I’m a big $!% of a 5-7 day fast once per month $* well $* daily IF and have seen fantastic results, I just struggle with knowing how I can supplement potassium and magnesium with impacting autophagy.

  18. Could you provide a ingredient list in bullet point form? Would help with those that watch on the go and could take a screenshot for later.

  19. Thank you Thomas, all though you really surprised me with the cream of tartar in it, !* I’m definitely going to try it.!!!

  20. Great videos, thanks.. I like to pig out from time to time, I’m not talking about just a cheat day I’m talking about a pigging out day, how long does it take for my body to recover from pigging out all day on sugars and carbs?

  21. Unless I am missing something somewhere, you tell us in the video to use beef broth, %! the link with your discount only allows us to get the chicken mushroom.  How can I order the beef with your discount?

  22. I ?!*@ get kettle & fire bone broth in my country. Can you make a video on how to make your own bone broth at o@&??

  23. I am a very skinny guy. My metabolism is high and I am trying to gain a lot more weight. Does intermittent fasting help skinny $#&$ like me gain weight or should I stay away from. Please dedicate a video for skinny ?$?@ who are trying to gain mass muscle

  24. I added some glycine, tumeric and black pepper to the mix, tasted great and the glycine added a hint of sweetness, &&& %#?# also add the new collagen synthesis (glycine and Proline are the building blocks of collagen in the body.

  25. We bought some Kettle and Fire bone broth because you had mentioned their products…we used it when a sickness got the better of us.

  26. 10oz / 30ml of liquid seems kinda lot to me after fasting for 18-20 hrs. Especially after you mix it, it comes like huge bucket.
    Can I cut all the ingredients in half and still get the benefits of this drink?

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