Chefs Rights Now Manifesto

We, the Italian Chefs of NYC, are putting New Yorkers on notice. Something is happening. You know what we mean. Something that is emptying our restaurants.
This is affecting not just Italian restaurants but all our cuisine brethren. It is unfair competition. Who would do such a thing? Their secret is not safe and the world will soon know.
We are organizing. We will not stand idly by, spoons at our side, or whatever. We will take action. Soon, the source of this unfair competition will eat crow, a new dish the chefs are cooking up. Don’t let the white tunics and kitchen clogs fool you. Once crossed, we will be a FORMIDABLE FOE. And we will not go quietly into the darkness of our empty restaurants.
Stand by New York. We will need your help. Watch for the signs… soon, very soon.

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