Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Mushroom Stuffed

Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Mushroom Stuffed 737x415 - Chicken Roll Wrapping Recipe With Mushroom Stuffed

In this video you will be wrapping the chicken rolls filled with mushrooms in detail
firstly a whole chickpea opening process and the preparation phase will be shown
place a whole chicken on the cutting board first cut the wing parts with the knife
prepare chickens carefully with a knife from the chest
cut with a knife down the right and left of the cartilaginous bone in the middle
grasp the butts with your hands and apply reverse pressure, you will see the joints of the bones
do not use any knives at some points just do this with your hands
as you can see now the chicken is in the middle of the skeleton, that is, the rib is completely removed
now take the bone in the arm part of the chicken
release the nerves holding the tip of the bone with a knife
the bone will already come out when you pull it towards yourself
There are 2 bones in the butt portion of the chicken
cut 2 pieces of bone with a knife, do not cut the chicken skin and prepare it so that there is no hole
the chicken opened all the way and became a big piece. fill in the gap in the middle
 prepared a great backdrop
 rolled from right to left in a roll
it is possible to extend a little more meat by using a steel meat beef with the help of a bag
add the prepared chicken into a container
Watch the accelerated video once more and let’s have a digest
As you can see, we put a 30-centimeter knife next to you to understand the size of this chicken
this is a very extensive list of ingredients you eat

firstly this video uses 9 whole chickens, this meal will be about 100 people
1.5 kilograms of green pepper
3 kilograms of onion
5 kilograms of mushrooms
1 kilogram of cheddar cheese
1.5 kilogram salami
spices thyme, crushed pepper, black pepper, cumin, sugar, salt
some pepper to use
a special sauce for your juice
 Necessary materials
bone water
clean onion shells
liquid sunflower oil and sifted flour
preparing filling materials for your meal
first mush the fungus a little thin and flat
add chopped mushrooms in a container
chop the onions in a long and slightly medium thickness, not too thin
add the chopped onions into the container after they are prepared
remove the seeds of red pepper capsules and chop them long
Remove the roots of green peppers and chop them long and thin
Vegetable varieties of ingredients are authentic and prepared
wash the chopped mushrooms with plenty of water, you can use it in different mushroom species
add the salami to the chop in the long thin slab
I recall once again that the chopped materials,
 mushrooms, onion and capers pepper
salami and green pepper,
now it’s time to cook the stuffing stuff
first add pot of sunflower oil
After the oil is warmed, add onions and pepper to the pan, stir
add some sugar
add the washed mushrooms in anhydrous form and mix thoroughly
add green peppers, mix and top off cook a little
add the necessary spices and salt
 Prepare and prepare 1 kg of cheddar cheese
cut a few pieces of parsley for your savory sauce
Cut carrots thinly with peeler
choose from the cleaner parts of onion skins

leave the mixture that you prepared for filling to air space for cooling
add the chopped salami and stir
continue cooling
place the now prepared chickens properly on the kitchen counter
add mushroom padding
add filler material in a moderate way
place it as a round layer in the middle
add grated cheese
cheddar cheese will help keep some of the ingredients together
carefully tuck up in whole wrap
the chicken will be big and a whole roll of wrap
if there are spilled material in the edges, put it back in
place in oven trays
 You do not need to put any material in the tray, do not add water or oil
add the above to the direct oven and cook, cook for 150 degrees for 1 hour
 the chickens are baked and a little watered out
 add the chicken water carefully into a bowl and use it in a food sauce
wait for the chicken coil springs to cool down before you slice
add some oil to the pot to prepare your food gravy
add carrot onion skin and parsley stalks stir thoroughly
a little chicken is added in the oil
Add 1 bowl of flour
add crushed garlic
add boiling water
add the chicken juice
 add bony water if you have it in your cupboard
add salt and sugar and wait for boiling
the baked chickens will be slightly sliced, then sliced ​​easily,
use a thin and sharp blade, 12 pieces of 1 chicken
place the sliced ​​pieces horizontally on the oven tray
the water is ready after 10 minutes of boiling
 add the food water using a strainer
this food sauce contains the original flavor of eating completely
 add a particularly watery pan when serving
you can do a little baking this way
you can serve it with salad rice

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