Chicken Spaghetti – Food Wishes – Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe

Chicken Spaghetti Food Wishes Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe 737x415 - Chicken Spaghetti - Food Wishes - Chicken Pasta Sauce Recipe

Learn how to make Chicken Spaghetti! If you like chicken, and you like spaghetti, you are going to LOVE chicken spaghetti. Check out this recipe for the “other” red meat sauce. Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this delicious and easy Chicken Spaghetti recipe!

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  1. I just tried your spicy chicken noodles recipe with a rotisserie I bought at the store to skip having to poach a chicken breast or work with raw meat. You think the same trick would work with this, plus maybe ##@@$*u$@@@% chicken stock for the water in the sauce? I prefer not to handle deadly raw chicken in my tiny studio apartment kitchen, if I can help it.

  2. For some reason chicken and tomato sauce is a terrible combination to me, !#& you make anything look good.

  3. Chef John, what is your favourite store-bought marinara sauce? I’m always on the search for the best tasting sauce!

  4. Okay maybe a stupid question, #t! how exactly do you warm a bowl? Just microwave it for a few seconds?

  5. Looks grate and not too difficult for a week night dinner. Could always use chicken thighs to save time.

  6. The modern family reference! I think you should definitely teach Claire how to @%?$ πŸ™‚

  7. “Chicken spaghetti” sounds like something you’d make by putting chicken through a meat grinder. Now I kinda want to see that happen.

  8. huh, interesting to see this @r@@# I’ve not done this with a whole chicken, %*@ it is my go-to for a quick dinner and a way to use up a left-over piece chicken breast or thigh. I usually add sauteed mushrooms to the sauce.

  9. It’s been ingrained in my head that when Chef John says “it’s optional”, what he really means is that it’s mandatory.

  10. Try this one Lasagna with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ground beef, bacon bits and diced green peppers mixed into the chess mixture.

  11. When you dumped a jar of tomato sauce on top of a whole, raw chicken I checked to see if this was posted on the first lol.

    However the end result is clearly no joke. Thanks CJ!

  12. Why not ?#$$ the pasta of your choice in the tomato sauce? I love Barilla Campanelle pasta. It takes the sauce and isn’t big lime spaghetti.

  13. Personally, I like chicken Alfredo with a !?!#u!$ of frozen peas and sliced fresh mushrooms. I leave the tomato sauce to ground beef

  14. Right in the middle of testing a recipe for a chicken lasagna and you come out with this. Are you watching me?

  15. I habe watched at least 100 Foodwishes videos !#$ for the first time I started hearing how extremely up and down pitchy Chef Johns voice is. Literally every sentence starts low pitch, goes high and goes down again. Sounds $?n## and slightly weird.

  16. My $!!?%& used to make this when I was growing up, only **# version used all wings instead of a whole bird. It was exquisite.

  17. NO CAYENNE?!?

    Who is this guy, and what has he done with the *real* Chef John?

  18. @#*o%@ I was wondering if this technique would work %& well with milk-based sauces (like alfredo), I love spaghetti $%! the tomato sauce has too much acidity for me and makes my reflux act up %?u%@!?&
  19. Chef John: never have pasta and a bowl and just dump sauce on top.

    Italians been doing it that way for centuries

  20. My food wish is Albondigas! Mexican Meatball Rice Ball Soup! With Squash and Tomatoes.

    Or another Mexican soup, Sopa de Papas %* Queso!

  21. Do you have any take on the marinara sauce or any other tomato-based sauce? I’d really love to see such thing

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