?&** WITH ME | RECIPE: French Toast | Easy & Delicious

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51 Comments on O%@% WITH ME | RECIPE: French Toast | Easy & Delicious

  1. Looks yummy!! My friend does it with Challah Bread (Wholefoods has a great one and they !@?& slice it for you ask for thick slices). When you soak it, it takes is well and tastes incredible!! Thanks for sharing!! Your nails looks so pretty too! Happy New Year!!

  2. LoL, I truly love your videos, I really do and I think it s adorable that you need a recipe for French toast. Also try a dash of nutmeg it gives it a rich taste.

  3. I make mine with coffee cream and more cinnamon. Give it a good dunk and fry it in real u%!$? a bit longer so it’s a bit more crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. For presentation I slice them in half diagonally and layer them slightly overlapping with icing sugar and raspberries. Yum heaven!

  4. Yum!! I just made french toast for my hubby, kids and I this morning 🙂 We’re in NE Ohio and buried under about 4′ of snow so it was the perfect comfort food breakfast for a cold wintery day 🙂

  5. I #$! a tiny bit of oil with the u*%@@ to make it a little crispy on the edges. Also I use bread that has the cinnamon swirl and it is so good. My grand sons love my french toast.

  6. You should try a french toast casserole. It’s made with the long loaf bread and has a easy syrup poured over it before baking. Best part is that you make the mix and pour it over the bread the night before & $@ it in the fridge to soak up the mix so no waste. Then in the morning pour the topping on and bake.

  7. I make extra and then #!% them in freezer bags and then when we want just a few pieces we @#$ them right in the toaster,easy morning breakfast!

  8. I’d been wanting some french toast the past couple of week and, I finally got around to making some for myself today (December 30) %? well. The recipe I have calls for….

    2 Eggs
    1/2 cup of Milk
    1/4 tsp of Cinnamon
    Butter for the pan

    I got 5 slices out of the mixture. Used regular bread and I dunked each slice, both sides.

    Optional: Butter and syrup to top the french toast which, of course, I do!

  9. I make my french without milk. I do dunk it a little bit more. It comes out delicious. Also try using raisin bread or any other fruit type bread for an extra special treat, yummy xoxo

  10. Yummy 😋I make mine the same #%$ because my husband is obsessed with peaches🍑 I cutout a circle ⭕️ or ❤️ with a cookie cutter and put the peach in the middle with some of the syrup that it comes in the jar ( I get my jar of peaches at trader joes) am
    and the circle or heart ❤️ gets place to the side of the bread and it looks really cute
    Ok time to go and make me some FT 🍞
    Btw I always use Texas toast 😂here in jersey and you in Texas don’t 😂🤣😂
    Crazy 😜 isn’t …..TYFS

  11. Couple tips, you can leave out your bread overnight to “dry” ooooor you can half way toast it before dipping it. And you can do flavored coffee creamer for a fancier thing, I love doing it with hazelnut creamer….oooooh may gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now I want french toast.

  12. It is $?#@?#&3@&@%* have never seen an actual recipe for French toast. I just wing it and hope for the best! LOL! It did look really good…now I want French toast.

  13. If u do it in a &*&x? dish w/French bread u can add sliced apple & pecans for a casserole u @!! in oven-it is a Christmas morning staple!

  14. I’ve actually never made french toast either – even though it’s so easy! Looks delicious, not fair because I’ve got nothing in my kitchen currently, lol. Btw, your nails look really pretty that color. TFS!

  15. I buy the French toast bread from store. Already has the good stuff in it. Dip it in egg and &*$%$ It’s nice thick bread too. Super easy. Love the cooking videos. I donor save leftovers. they go in trash.

  16. Looks good Marie! When my family comes from Va. every other year for Christmas, I always make French toast at least once for breakfast because my grandchildren love it. I make mine like yours only I use thicker bread most of the time.

  17. The recipe you used is the same that I’ve been making for at least 40 years. I usually make mine on my griddle. I always make alot and package it in serving sizes and u#* in the freezer. Easy breakfast esp %& I do the same with sausage patties.

  18. I hope that you’re sharing these basic recipes with your daughter. Knowing how to make French Toast is a necessary life !#?#@?

  19. Looks delicious 😋 Hope you have a blessed New Year. Thanks for sharing. 😘❤️🙏🏻🍾🥂🎉🍕

  20. I used to make French toast often…I love it, ?@ my method is all by eye, and doesn’t include vanilla, nor cinnamon… yours looks so good… my favourite syrup is maple. 🍁

  21. I love French toast, I usually add one pinch of nutmeg with the cinnamon. Great job sweet girl!

  22. we love french toast %#%@ i tried a new recipe for christmas using eggnog with some vanilla and cinnamon and couldn’t believe how yummy and different it was.

  23. My nana makes french toast every visit. She uses the $1 loaves of french bread in the Wal-mart bakery. You know they are ready to plate when they bounce. So yummy!

  24. Love your ginger bread houses! Did you use a kit?

    For French toast I typically do one egg at a time because of how much you can make with so little 😋

  25. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I often have a French toast fail because I over soak the bread and it falls apart. I #?l! definitely try your way. Love the cooking videos.

  26. This is almost the same recipe that my oh!%*% taught me to make when I was 12 or 13 years old. The only difference is to add a sprinkling of nutmeg over the top of the liquid before dipping the bread in. No measuring, just “eyeball” the eggs and milk, sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon all over the top, and a cap of vanilla. Yummy!!

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