Cream Of Rice: Pre Workout Concoction Bowl Recipe

Cream Of Rice Pre Workout Concoction Bowl Recipe 737x415 - Cream Of Rice: Pre Workout Concoction Bowl Recipe

Today i teach you how to make Cream of Rice. I call this the Concoction bowl and it is one of my go to pre workout meals. You will need cream of rice, sugar free chocolate syrup, some kind of nut butter. Just follow the steps in this video and enjoy. Let me know how you like it and if you want me to cook any other foods for @@#!%@ videos.

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Cream of Rice is a hot breakfast cereal made from ground rice. … Cream of rice is also a sweet dessert, made from milk fat and solids, sugar, flavoring, a stabilizer, which is usually gelatin, and sometimes eggs, fruits, or nuts.

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50 Comments on Cream Of Rice: Pre Workout Concoction Bowl Recipe

  1. That looks so good! Do you think this is enough to have pre workout if I workout first thing in the morning? I’m on about 4000 calories a day and usually wake up pretty #*$ hungry and if I could have this instead of an omelet and oatmeal that would be a huge time saver! Thanks for the videos John!

  2. This has literally become my preworkout ritual meal. Can’t live without it. I do like to use a lot of extra water to mix the whey in and I stay nice and *?%% during my workout, **& it’s !#* digesting. I love it

  3. John why didn’t you fill the measuring cup all the way when you were pouring out the cream of rice? I’m not weighing anything right now because I’m lean bulking so I’m more lax on my diet, !!% whenever I have cream of rice I usually fill my 1/2 cup almost till its full. Have I been eating way more than I thought lol

  4. It’s also great if you add the scoop of ISO whey into the actual bowl. Mixes great and tastes even better in my opinion. Great video John

  5. Awesome can’t wait to try this. Actually never had cream of rice – would you say that it digests easier than oatmeal? That’s what I currently eat pre-workout

  6. Do you think eating cream or rice or oats uncooked in a shake blending with whey isolate is ok to eat or always cooked ?

  7. @mountaindog1 am currently loading for my comp and have juat dicovered cream if rice…i &@@% get enough of it and &&*& wait to try this when i add some more ??#@ in my diet…for now %?*? settle for he sugar free syrup 🙂

  8. With fast digesting, wouldn’t this be better post work out!? I swear i ate pre and ended up hypo (low !*o&% sugar) durning my workout.

  9. I have been making a variation of this for years pre workout- except that I use oatmeal instead when or rice $k!%! when I’m time pressed. I also tend to use an array of nut $$#&!%&% almond/cashew/peanut,etc to keep a more diverse nutrient selection in my diet.

    Are rice &@&$? digesting at a similar rate @@ cream of rice? I would imagine so.

  10. Sir John… is it advisable to take this for an endomorph who is insulin resistant and is on the path of losing weight (15 @@%d!! left to reach goal weight) via ketogenic diet??? I mean after reaching goal weight i wonder if i start carbs again to gain muscle. &l!$ this pre workout meal help me at that stage???

  11. Hey John, I’ve looked loads of places in UK for cream of rice and I can’t seem to find it. Is gluten-free oatmeal okay alternative?

  12. Man I don’t think there is another channel %$ informative and %? easy to watch and follow !% yours. Thanks for all of your hard work Sir! Gonna try The Concoction Bowl today!

  13. John do you use this when you are pre contest or just in the off season, and how long before you workout do you eat this. Thanks!!!

  14. Looks like a treat, yummm!!!! Can’t wait to try it. Are you using this instead of the market pre-work powders on the market?

  15. Um, MD, its called a CRACKBOWL and you forgot one of the KEY ingredients! a sprinkle of &$$! on top!!! 😉 Literally obsessed w this meal… I mix my whey isolate and/or egg whites in w the rice after its cooked. Have it every training day! and in lieu of SF syrup, I use SF strawberry preserves… w the peanut butter it tastes like a heavenly PB&J of GAINZ

  16. Where can you find cream of rice in Canada, more specifically Edmonton? I @%@* find this stuff anywhere, the only thing i found is cream of wheat.

  17. Been eating this before just about every workout ever since you posted the original video #&*$*# back. Digests so easily and for such a small amount of food, actually keeps me %@@* most of my workout. Thanks for all the great info, would love to see a video about what you typically eat before bed when in a caloric surplus.

  18. cream of rice and peanut ?@!?*$ are ideal pre workout foods, %*! the sugar free hershey’s syrup has artificial sweetener in it–sucralose–which can cause bloating and has what i think is a pretty unpleasant aftertaste. i !?#*%&!%?& cacao powder, which has anti oxidants and actual vitamins and minerals, plus a packet or two of stevia. healthy, no bloating, no poisonous chemicals.

  19. Personally I stay away from cream of rice, it has 70% Iron in it and we know how bad iron is for males. Especially if &&@?*? “supplements”. Just food for thought

  20. i do something like this in the morning before bed ( i work nights) then i get up and hit the gym mine is usually PB, yogurt and a little granola but today i used a half cup of Ezekiel cereal

  21. I don’t have syrup, I’ve done similar things. I enjoy it with peanut $?!!@& and honey. Maybe maple syrup lol ?#* yeah sugar free isn’t in the cards in that case.

  22. John you magnificent *&%#@&*!@$&$@$ went out and bought everything to try this today and all I have to say is.. life changing!

  23. @mountaindog1, Watching you inadequately stir the peanut ##??* and chocolate syrup into the cream of rice drove me nuts. I’ve been mixing plain white rice with peanut &t#%!$ and maple syrup for my pre and post workout meals. Give it a try, it’s great. I’ll be trying your version, looks good.

  24. a tin of ambrosia cream rice and penut *&#e$ with chocolate ice cream sauce……… ye ha plenty of enrgy for workout . Next thing John will have his own cooking show on Saturday mornings lol.

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