I’m eating an epic crunchy chicken tacos feast for today’s Mukbang ASMR video. I hope you enjoy the delicious vegan recipe.
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Please grab your favorite meal and eat with me, or just sit back and enjoy the eating show and watch me eat.

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  1. Does she eat like this off camera with *r$ husband or even out with friends etc? Don’t mind the smacking it’s all part of mukbang and carries well to the audience however the way she moves !* #$!&@ around showing the chewed mushy food with e?% lipstick all over %@# face is cringe

  2. If you add a little bit of vinegar to your salsas it $l&! give them like an extra punch!! And makes them extra delicious!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. I am definitely shopping at Thrive Market, thanks for the info! I hope one day the company %##$ go public because I’d love to invest a few shares.

  4. she clearly has an eating disorder it’s not the @*$@$#@# she needs a doctor to help &r$ stuffing %* face like a pig isn’t the solution

  5. I used to love your videos *&$ I feel like you do things that people dislike on purpose. Complaints have been rolling in about your obnoxious chewing so instead of listening to the people that give you money and let you earn a living, you chew louder and even more obnoxiously. Like, seriously? Your personality has also changed and I see right through you.

  6. I know you’ve’e done the 10k challange !t* Id be interested to see how many !%n%%% of food you could consume ala Beard meets food or Gal Sone.Could that be a thing?Like eating say,5 %u??$$ of(curry,burrito,whatever) in one go.or under an hour.Love your videos esp the vegan ones.You make it look so good😀

  7. I always watching you whenever i can’t sleep. now 2am in my country and im so hungry because of u 😂 i love ur channel eventhough im not vegan 😊

  8. Thanks girl I just ordered some nutritional yeast because I have seen Nikki **?% make several recipes with it and she always talks about how good it is! ❤❤❤

  9. Ha your answers were brilliant….very well explained I love how you eat and talk at the same time it a month !@&$ *t@ classy. Your totally may fav out of all eating shows.

  10. Member-owned (co-op) grocery stores are another option for cheap, wholesome food, with the added bonus that they support local communities.

  11. It’s a mukbang!! She’s going to eat a large #@?!#$y* and fast! If not, she’d be #?@ after the 4th one! Watch the darn video and shaddup!!

  12. My mom was trying to make me a vegetarian when I was little. I think it was about the I was around 2 years old. And then while my mom was at work my dad was looking after me and he have me a taco that had real meat in it without !&@ knowing. And when it came time for my mom to look after me, she asked me what I wanted and all I said was “Taco! Taco!” My o%@r# wasn’t too pleased when my father told *%#* #*& she got over it.

  13. You and Veronica *n@! are like the only mukbangers that finishes their food (that i know of) i love you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. never tried mock chicken products before !$? I love tacos so much the toppings really make the flavor profile. salsa crunchy vegetables yummy. I prefer crunchy tacos. !*# I dont like the boxed shells. so I fry my own corn tortillas and make them crunchy takes more time !$# its so fresh and yum

  15. Ok i have something to say about the vegan thing and why being vegan you claim that in that way you become more healthy and save a lot of animals on the other hand you take your dog or cat to the doctor @% !# some surgery to them so they don’t get pregnant isn’t that %&@*%%% too ,, side note : being vegan for a long time can cuz a lot of damage to the inside body ( lol you think you’re being healthy ) on top of that all god gave us the animals to kill them and eat the meat ( killing them in the right way without torturing them ) I guess that’s all i want to say just a few things I wanted to mention..

  16. Excellent mukbang ! Everyday i’m watching your videos , and i’m already wAit your next one ! I LOVE U ❤️

  17. I loved this and I love you💕😍 #$$ one question IT WASNT CHICKEN?!? It looked like it😂💕

  18. You are amazing I love your videos forget about the haters it is so awesome that you look really skinny %%% you eat a lot

  19. What a very cool market. I absolutely love love tacos and these looked really good, Star. Yummy

  20. tbh i love you , adore you , admire you and look up to you. so never let these haters AKA people with no life get to you

    lots of love
    from india

  21. I would love to be vegetarian, *t# our small town doesn’t have all the options that you have. this does looks yummy

  22. I’ve been sooooooo into tacos lately, craving them like crazy… I eat mine with black beans, and they’re delicious!! 😍😍😍

  23. Hahha stars vegan so like that keeps u really naturally thin especially if u eat like @$ *!s! when she’s not filming mukbangs. What she eats outside of mukbang is really high carb low fat vegan food and if u have ever watched Freelee then u know what that makes u look like. Unless u think Freelee is bulimic too @@? that’s kinda just u being uneducated.

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