Death By Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe!

Death By Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe 737x415 - Death By Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe!

A triple decker bacon cheeseburger with four types of cheese and pecan smoked bacon! What a way to go! (check out below links)
Ballistic Griddle:
Ballistic Burger Smasher:
Adobo Seasoning:

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50 Comments on Death By Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Recipe!

  1. That looks so good!
    Even now 64 I love my burgers & this I’ve got to try!!
    If you ever open a resteraunt you would be the best lol!
    Thank you for your shows.

  2. Although it looks amazingly good…. the meat to bun ratio is little off for me. After a few bites it would end up super messy and just a $u%* u$!$ of meat.

    Again… it looks amazing.

  3. Greg, That is an awesome looking burger. No Pickles? I have a smash by my house. You need to give those &!!% some lessons.

  4. Another great video, Greg! This burger and the Junkyard Dog burger are the ultimate “vice” guilty pleasures burgers!

  5. Been watching your vids for &?#l&&@ After eating thick dried out hockey pucks all my life, I finally bought a meat grinder and been experimenting with different cuts of beef. Using the lightly formed, smash technique. Everyone has requested burgers instead of my BBQ for the past couple weeks. Keep up the good work!

  6. WOW, that is a Big Burger. I love everything on it. You are THE BURGER-NATER.
    Nicely done as usual. Thanks Greg

  7. Greg, I had no idea second chance was just up the street from me! kudos, and I love the tri tip burger idea.

  8. … should be simply called DBBCB-death-by-bacon-cheese-burger or
    built with bacon in between all those layers And/or in the ground beef,
    with your special onion mix between the patties, and
    as per the norm, the cheeses remain status quo…

  9. Man oh man dude now that is a burger love your sir always hungry, thank you for sharing.

  10. What a great way $% $$%#!##;? Eating a Ballistic BBQ Burger. Great burger, keep them @*?*&$ brother!

  11. This guy is a straight savage…mustard on the onions while on the grill…and then parmesan on the buns? Unheard of.

  12. Question:

    Mr Ballistic BBQ let me congratulate you on all of your success, and say thank you for the !%$???@#$ ideas for making a @$$&r& burger.

    My question for you is this…is there another seasoning that’s great on burgers beside the Adobe?

    Squeaky’s Smokehouse BBQ
    Stillwater, OK

  13. OMG!!!!! thanks for the inspiration! Great burger creation…I’d like to take to the next level in my own way ## a chef

  14. that’s not the hops you’re tasting in that Porter, it’s the malt. Malt &!$$ create a sweeter taste, #*#$! & hops i!# create a more bitter taste

  15. You should open a burger stand couple hours a day. $20 for a Ballistic Burger and a photo op 😁 I’ll be there!

  16. &* ai am live in vietnam and no have a food like thes $$?&? can gift to me !#e& to eat try . thanks you fo rthis chanel inspire me eat lot of diffrent foos

  17. Tabula Rasa is also the name of the lu%@@ from band called bloodbound 🙂 Tnx for the video Balistic good as always

  18. Best tasting burgers are charcoal grilled.  Enough of this steel cooktop.  Its just a big outdoor frying pan.

  19. The next time I get a real jones for a burger, I’ll wait and make one of these. Unbelievable! Outstanding cooking!

  20. I have never NOT liked one of your videos, Greg, and I’m not about to start. Most everything you do looks absolutely delicious. However, THAT burger, however tasty, is the most disgusting thing I’ve seen you !*#@ to date. It appears to be a $##&# mess.

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