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50 Comments on DINNER RECIPE + SHOPPING!!!!!

  1. thanks for another great video amberlynn!! that recipe looks so good i’m gonna try it without chickpeas (they just freak me out lol) sending you hugs and positive vibes💗💗

  2. You need to turn ur comments off like I’m not #1 biggest AL %?# !%$ this is out of control. For ur own mental health DISABLE THE COMMENTS.

  3. Love you two think you are very *n@&! and ye look so so happy always laughing makes me smile keep it up @!

  4. Amberlyn stop putting everything you do down i know people hate so you feel like you should do it befor they do &*& no…just slay girl

  5. Amberlynn, I’ve been watching your videos for a bit- and please start walking on a treadmill and not around stores. You need to start !$&##* better care of your body. You can do it- I believe in you.

  6. I really enjoyed this vlog. I liked how you actually *?$ some effort into it. I wish the next one is a little longer though! Good job Amberlynn. I hope your vlogs are more consistent in quality from now on. Looking forward to it 🙂

  7. Had you not &t# up that Youtube recommendation which is such trash, I’d have given this video a thumbs up… even your recipe was great…. and well done…. such a shame… Amberlynn elevate yourself… Becky is good for you… I like Becky, I do wish you’d buy &$& some new t $i%!,&! the ones she mostly wears are a bit snug….. buy &*@ a dozen for christmas would you, she deserves it and more I’m sure……

  8. I ALMOST bought the choker with the fake bulbs…lol. Instead I bought the necklace with the battery operated bulbs. 🙂

  9. Why are people in this comment section so dense? This ?*??# of meat literally filmed all these “SITMASES” in one day she’s lazy and has no sense of professionalism yet you support !&% and feed ??% all these things she wants to ?*#? #YAWLaMESS $u$$%$&S#!n#*?

  10. Awesome video!
    Any YouTubers want to help support each other? I’m trying to reach 200 subscribers. I’ll sub back.

  11. @%?,* even during the holidays, people still #t@*% and complain !! If you don’t like her content then don’t watch. CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SEE IF YOU CAN DO BETTER, IF NOT… STFU !! Happy Holidays

  12. Hobby lobby is the best. I went in September for the first time when I was in Arkansas to find an urn type thing for my dad who %#$?$# and fell in love. The closest one to me is in Fresno though. 😣

  13. There are people on YouTube who have far less subscribers than you do and also work !#?% time jobs outside of YouTube and yet they still find a way to @@# more energy and effort into their videos. You have no excuse for your poor video quality. I don’t understand how you can convince yourself that this is you trying your best. And if it is maybe it’s time to find a new career path. You obviously don’t care about your subscribers or your channel enough to invest into it by getting a better camera and lighting or even going out and making entertaining or original videos. Stop playing the victim all the time and actually read what some of your subscribers have to say and change your channel for the better. Or get off of YouTube because the way you’re going now you aren’t adding any value to it.

  14. Love the recipe/cooking part of the vid!!! Are you making a what I got for Christmas video this year? please do!

  15. Are all the *#&#$#$$ h&*!? you live morbidly obese?? I can smell the cheesy %$@@ from e*%#& Becky, do you enjoy the stank @%! or what???

  16. Ok, seriously, that meal looks delicious!!! Perfect vegan meal which I *@* be making! Thank you for sharing! You are such a kind, !$$#!#?*$ person. Loving your vlogmas 💕

  17. Anyone notice that she gets a ton of &%*# if she doesn’t upload *!& then when she uploads everyday people complain that she prerecorded stuff? Like she’s recording more regardless and posting more so what does it matter? Also if you hate !%# so much why don’t you just go watch something that you like? What’s the point in watching something if it makes you feel/react so negatively? I just don’t get people sometimes…


    ….GOARL. Your sweater is long sleeve? Sweater GOALZ😩😩😩😩

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