Every time a hypocrite harasses a Muslim, he gets one step closer to the $#!$*!o$% of #*#

Every time a hypocrite harasses a Muslim he gets one step closer to the damnation of God - Every time a hypocrite harasses a Muslim, he gets one step closer to the damnation of God

ADNAN OKTAR: As the deep state is further exposed, they have begun to abandon their impertinent behavior. They have always been this impertinent and coy, talking behind a veil of secrecy. But now, we have removed that veil %? well. They are completely exposed. When people run across an acquaintance, they generally say things such as “How are you doing?” or “You have gained weight, Masha'Allah.” But this is not how hypocrites talk. They say things like “The moon has blossomed in the sky”, or “The moonlight illuminates us”, or “I am life”. And when people ask about the origin of these words, they say “These are the words of Mawlana Tabrizi ” or “words of Shams Tabrizi.” A Muslim speaks clearly. There is no need to talk in riddles. The hypocrites try to emphasize that they are different from the rest by using such an abstruse language. In other words, they speak in such a way that no one other than the speakers understand it. Others cannot understand what they mean. This is such an insincere behavior.

There is the English language, there is the Turkish language, and there is the language of hypocrites. This is the language hypocrites speak. Only a hypocrite uses it. Why don't you speak clearly? Why do you use an allusive language, saying things like “The meat is cooking in the fire, it will come back soon. You have become a meat.” Stop speaking like this and start speaking properly. What is it that you imply, what are you trying to say? They say, “You cannot understand but he can.” Ultimately, you are another poor, ordinary soul who eats and bathes and one day you will die and be buried like the rest of us. What is the point of acting as if you are superior? But they consider themselves the equals of God, may God forbid, so they speak their own language, saying, “You cannot understand our language.” Why can't I? You are even incapable of the simplest tasks. You are engulfed in the Darwinist, materialist system, flattering the English deep state. You are a fraud, a miserable snitch of the English deep state. Speak proper Turkish instead of speaking in riddles. Just speak clearly.

Another characteristic of hypocrites is that they love to harass Muslims. They try to do as much harm as possible. In other words, they try to harass and disturb Muslims with their words, with their annoying implications. Even the smallest possibility of harming a Muslim means the world to them. However, every time they try to do harm to a Muslim, that Muslim acquires merit in the eyes of God while the hypocrites sink down a little bit more into damnation. Step by step, they get closer to falling down the pit of Hell. Every time they speak, their places in Hell grow bigger. Every time they harass a Muslims, Hell's pull on them grows stronger. 


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