Everynight Winter Salad Recipe

Everynight Winter Salad Recipe 737x415 - Everynight Winter Salad Recipe

A delicious, quick winter salad with many of the vegetables that have kept beautifully all the way into April! Because it doesn’t get watery like lettuce, this salad is great as leftovers. This type of dish showcases the vibrant colors of our raw vegetables, as well as the lovely effect of long storage on many veggies: mellow flavors and increased sweetness.
A few techniques help this salad pop: finely cut greens and and homemade dressing.
We love salads where all the greens are of types normally cooked before serving, especially kale and collards, but if they are treated like lettuce it doesn’t work as well. They need to be cut into fine ribbons (think the output of a paper shredder, less than 1/4 inch wide) but kept a few inches long. I find if they’re chopped into little flakes it’s hard to get a good o!$u@@!* This way the dressing can get in there better and soften and mellow the leaves.
Vinaigrettes have four ingredient groups: oil, vinegar, seasonings, and binders (or emulsifiers). Our favorite binders are mustard (usually dijon), miso, and peanut ?&%e@$& The trick to dressing is getting the oil to emulsify into the rest of the ingredients. Mix everything but the oil together, then add the oil in a stream while whisking. You can also do this by shaking a jar, but shake with just a bit of oil added, til well blended, then add the remainder of oil and shake til done. A typical ratio might be 1-2-6, thats 1T binder, 2T vinegar, 6T olive oil.

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