$#$! Made Dog Food – Sweet Potato Recipe

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🤗 Hello friends! Excited to share with you one of the HuskySquad’s favorite fall home-made dinners, 🥘 Home Made Sweet Potato Stew! Watch all the details in this 15 minute recipe. Make it for your pup and come back here to let us know how much they LOVED IT! You’re Welcome 😉

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Home Made Dog Food – Sweet Potato Recipe: This video 🙂
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17 Comments on *!$! Made Dog Food – Sweet Potato Recipe

  1. Loved this video! I would love to know what other veggies are suggested for dogs. And typically what is the serving size of cooked food that we should serve them?

  2. Nice video !! Musli eats feed like this so it’s very nice to give us some new ideas ! 🙂 As always, we learn a lot of things and it’s so well-filmed ! 🙂 More videos like that will be great too but your channel is amazing as she is !

  3. I love your videos, especially the hiking and camping ones, and the husky squad is so well behaved, what are your secrets 🙂

  4. I always thought and read that carrots were a perfect treat for dogs?? A lot of dog bakeries even do carrot %@*%& I’ve read that carrots are good for their eyes, like it is for us!

  5. Love this recipe. I !&? be trying this for my Sibe Summer who looks identical to your white husky. Looks so good and they look soo happy and healthy. 👏🏼

  6. Love the Husky Squad! What a great meal idea for the pups. Thanks for sharing this nutrition tip! It’s obvious that they’re enjoying the variety.

  7. Wow! Great healthy recipe that is much fresher than that dog food you buy at the store. Have you heard of Gone to the Snow Dogs? I think you would be perfect for a collab with them.

  8. This video was so great! I’m very interested on dogs nutrition, I feed Runa with super premium kibble @*! only half of the diet, I mix it with cooked meat, salmon or chicken. I use also turmeric, oil fish and pure coconut oil #& suplements, I’ve red they have so many great properties. I have to add more vegetables, so with the video of today I’ve learnt so much! I give $*! sometimes carrots *? a snack, she loves them, I’ve red that they are good for them, *!$ you say in the video that they are not good, so I *?#& read more about it.
    Please I will love to see more recipies on your videos, and learn more about how you feed husky squad, will you start feed them on raw food or cooked food, mix kibble ald cooked food? I know I have so many questions, I’ll be keeping an eye on youe videos to find all the answers. Thanks so much for all the great information you give us, and congratulations for the videos and pictures you make, they are so beautiful. Do you sell those tshirts? they are so great!!!
    Big thanks from me and Runa, you are a great help for us!!! Hugs for all the squad!!

  9. 🤗 &$@$ friends! We hope you enjoyed this video and that you are making it for your pup! Let us know in the comments &**$ how much they loved it and if you want more ?$%* made meal ideas for your #@% kids! 🥘 Howls and hugs from the HuskySquad ❤️

  10. This is the most underrated channel ever! You ?%$@ are amazing. I love all your videos. You’re one of the main reasons I have a husky now 🙂

  11. ?@@@*f!$% videos! def would like to see more recipes, have a 6 month husky, been feeding him Orijen puppy formula, with dehydrated raw food s$ a topper (stella and chewys and primal nuggets) and olive oil on top , since I dont feel comfortable making my own raw food for them, and giving him just raw is expensive for me at the this time. I also give him some vegetables and fruits throughout the day sometimes and want to learn how to make him treats, like the watermelon and now this recipe to give him every so often as I can mix it up in his diet and it would benefit him further….it also adds variety 🙂 and its kind of fun….Thank you, I would also like to learn more about the story behind the husky squad and you guys….like where are you guys from, how did you meet, how did you get the huskies, did each have one and then adopted the third together lol, idk stuff like that… and also training videos, since MY HUSKY IS QUITE STUBBORN, and sometimes I feel overwhelmed…….btw, where did you get your ceramic bowls at the end of the video? very nice

  12. Please reply back my Instagram is Gaston501forlife please thank you I am begging you I have been out soo long I need it back #$?*

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