How to Make A Raspberry Jelly Roll ~ Retro Recipe ~ Classic Sponge Cake Dessert ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

How to Make A Raspberry Jelly Roll Retro Recipe Classic Sponge Cake Dessert Noreens Kitchen 737x415 - How to Make A Raspberry Jelly Roll ~ Retro Recipe ~ Classic Sponge Cake Dessert ~ Noreen's Kitchen

Today let’s go old school with this classic retro recipe for jelly roll! I have very fond memories of jelly roll from my youth. A favorite that my mom and grandmother made and filled with classic raspberry jam. You can fill this simple sponge cake with anything you like. I love it with strawberry mousse, lemon filling or even with Nutella! No matter what direction you choose, this classic dessert is perfect for the warmer months of summer. It is light and delicious and requires little more than a dusting of powdered sugar and a dollop of freshly whipped cream.

I was recently roaming the internet for some inspiration with summer in mind and the jelly roll crossed my path. This invoked memories of my child hood when jelly rolls were as pervasive as Hostess cakes are today. I remember being able to purchase whole rolls of raspberry filled goodness in little cellophane packages in which the roll was protected by a pristine white corrugated board on three sides. Making it easy for you to see both ends and the tender sponge of the cake. I also remember being able to purchase individual slices that were wrapped in a similar fashion. Jelly roll was a ubiquitous dessert that just fizzled into the background, so much culinary ephemera of a bygone time.

The classics are the best, in my opinion and when my memory was jogged, I got busy making one. I seriously did! After dinner one Sunday evening a few weeks back, I whipped up this delicious dessert for the family to enjoy. This is the perfect sponge that bakes up fast and cools in no time, making way for the filling, the rolling and the slicing. It’s so simple, yet so delicious, if you have never had the pleasure of enjoying a jelly roll, I hope you will do so soon.

This all starts with a classic sponge cake. Lots of eggs, a bit of sugar and flour and just a scosh of levening and flavoring. Easy to throw together on the fly. This cake bakes in just 7 minutes! Don’t bake it one minute more because the cake will dry out and it will be difficult to roll and you will risk cracking.

Sadly cracking is a hazard of jelly roll making. If your cake cracks, fear not, simply fill it and roll with it. Cake and jelly are a magical thing. No one will even remember the crack after it has been enjoyed. I made my sponge and baked it and then as I was removing it from the pan it cracked. UGH! I was not happy! So off camera I went to make another sponge #$e!& I set them both to cool with the full intention of spreading Nutella on the cracked one and in my haste and excitement to get the video done, I unintentionally spread the “good” sponge cake with the camouflage Nutella. It was not until I had begun filming that I realized my boneheaded move. Alas, not everything is perfect in Noreen’s Kitchen, as I am sure it is not in yours. So we spread jelly and rolled with it. Moved on and as it turned out the crack was encapsulated within the roll and nobody will ever know!

Life is a lot like a jelly roll. It has cracks. Sometimes you can hide them with jelly and sometimes you can’t. You can choose to either moan about the cracks or you can simply embrace them! Life is too short to worry about such things. Embrace the cracks!

I hope this inspires you to brush off the retro recipes of your youth and make them for your family. Some of these things are fun touch stones to our past. They may have died out of popularity, but they are still worthy of our time and effort and definitely our enjoyment. Give this jelly roll a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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31 Comments on How to Make A Raspberry Jelly Roll ~ Retro Recipe ~ Classic Sponge Cake Dessert ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

  1. Way way way out of my league to even try making this. u#& $!! I sure love watching the artist at work!!!! Dang …. looks delicious 😋

  2. Looks absolutely delicious, @??! in England it is known &! swiss roll. I have never tried to make it %!! I think I @**! have a go now yum.

    • i$ Noreen we also have a chocolate version covered with chocolate, there is also a version with ice cream and jelly in the middle called artic roll which was a 1070s-80s desert. Thanks for all your hard work I really enjoy watching your channel.

  3. OOOH MY FAVORITE &?** from my childhood. Eat 2 slices for me please !!!! I also like them filled with lemon. Thanks for this recipe. I am going to try it.. If I remember correctly in homec we used a slightly damp tea towel to roll it and it helped keep it from cracking but I say if it cracks…there goes the calories and you can eat more. Have a Blessed day.

    • I have worked in many restaurants and hotels I have a degree in hospitality. My @t#@!% was a pastry chef. My ?*l%?* are learned not from a school %% at the side of my !?%*r!* grandmother and community.

  4. I remember when I was youngster my Great Aunt $?ne? alwasys had a Jelly Roll waiting for us when we visited $&* house or lake cabin. I remember %#@ usually having the filling s# grape jelly and on occasion a cinnamon filling (probably cinnamon, sugar and !!$%r@&? Brings back great memories of my favorite Aunt. I am going to make one myself. Thank you Noreen.

  5. Noreen they are scrumptious Looking and no worries what it looks like. Just eat it !!! 🙂 thanks for sharing such a long past Favorite. Love it !!

  6. I make pumpkin rolls in the winter and they always crack. They don’t taste any different and my family love it no matter what.

  7. “Crack is gonna be encapsulated inside the roll” Story of my life post menopause. 🙂 LOL

  8. Aww memories. My mom used to @$! slices of icecream onto the sponge @$%& then roll it up and @%& it in the freezer. She always had one in case unexpected company showed up. We were not to touch it until then. Ha! Luckily back in those days, we DID get a lot of unexpected company ( no cell phones yet!). Friends and family would « be in the neighbourhood » and drop in and we would get to eat the jelly icecream roll!!

  9. This looks so delicious!!! Thanks for sharing!! I was wondering, !&@!? did you find your lovely white enamel serving tray? I would love to find one like that for serving my holiday meats on… Have a great day!!

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