Is Sen. Warren’s Native American recipe real?

Is Sen. Warrens Native American recipe real - Is Sen. Warren's Native American recipe real?

Chef and cookbook author Mark Bailey puts Elizabeth Warren’s Native American recipe to the test.

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52 Comments on Is Sen. Warren’s Native American recipe real?

  1. Elizabeth Warren is about &* Native American !@ Bernie Sanders. If she’s native American, Hillary Clinton isn’t a criminal, and Bill Clinton isn’t a rapist.

  2. the recipe ?% fake #! Warren. Good !*% how stupid can you be !$ !! something like this given the Pocahontas thing. Please do a DNA test and I’ll believe native Americans ate omelettes with crab mayonnaise

  3. Yankee Doodle went to town Yankee Doodle Dandy, Stuck a Feather in his Hat and called it Macaroni ? Excuse Me but Bwahahahahahhahahaaa !!!!! Dont eat that !!! it is Not healthy

  4. Even if the recipe were real, it wouldn’t matter. I have legit native recipes ?# well. Some better than others. She has zero native ?@&!*? I do, though I never used it to attempt to advance in anything.

  5. Tucker’s showing his racism again, thinking Native American’s were only capable of being hunter gatherer tribes instead of agricultural pioneers with techniques far superior to our own. The Native American diet was also very diverse and nutritious, nothing like Warrens take on the omelet.

    • +Zquadfather You’re going overboard with the argument for the superiority of noble savages, %?$ one thing can be said about the Cherokee and that is how they quickly adopted European technology and customs. For all intents and purposes, they were living very much like their American Southerner Neighbors at the time of their displacement, including the use of ovens, stoves and slave labor.

  6. If Elizabeth Warren lived in a Muslim land, she would be executed by bearded men… after being brutally ape-raped by scores of jihadist &@%&#@

  7. Huh? This Mark Bailey, is a !!*$!$ nutter, an omelette screams all American? An omelette Origins is what it $* always screamed, France, you moron.

  8. Warren has done more to expose the criminals that run large corporations and 45 in the whitehouse. Tucker the ?u&#@# has his head stuck up Trumps @#? and getting paid million for it….

  9. This crazy nut job is such a fraud and a phony how anyone can take @!# seriously is beyond my comprehension. *#$ then again she is a rabid liberal wich means she has a mental illness. Remember, liberalism equals mental illness and this freak proves it.

  10. let the barmy old !o&%! call herself a “native indian” when she’s playing &*@ games with !!? husband, there’s no such thing anyway. The immigrant indians migrated did !c@# all ##$ rape and murder each other anyway !

  11. Jesus Christ this is so stupid. At a time with insane income inequality, a tax bill that @!&@ destroy the lower and middle class, THIS is what you consider news? Focus on the issues that actually face society instead of trying to make us doubt Warren’s heritage.

  12. my grandmother was Cherokee, she *&@*!$ around 1979 %! never cooked anything like this. I stayed with @?@ quite a bit and we pretty much ate what was inexpensive which back then was what was in season. We would &$?! a big mid day meal, eat leftovers and light things later in the day. We did make lots of %$u@&*@!$$#o@?!!$&#@!&@ never eat the canned stuff once you’ve mad it yourself %&@ that was not particularly Cherokee. We also picked lots of seasonal berries, blackberries for sure and blueberries if we traveled some. Muscadines was something she particularly enjoyed. There was an English and Dutch influence in *#! cooking ?%$ not so much crab meat, never matter of fact. Warren is offensive to me. It’s not that she isn’t u?! about 1/64th Cherokee at best. It is that I was taught its in your heart…the *@#%* has no heart. The Cherokee had to eat what was cheap or what they could find, hunt, %#*?# and yes at times steal. Grandma had a shoplifting problem #?$ it was FOOD. Some do better now with the casino money *!@ it is not distributed with any sort of fairness.

  13. Um…This racism thing has to stop. You do realize you just recognized this group of Natives s@ Americans right?

  14. I think when you &#? the recipe, its fairly obvious its not a dish that would have been made by the Cherokee…which is what Warren claims to have in $?% background. Way more European dish…sorry Beth. Native Americans would have had a far more bean, game, berries and maize going on. The spices / sauces would have been a lot simpler too.

  15. $?%@,$ that’s $&& staple diet. Must be west coast natives, Crab and Eagle eggs, you don’t find Crabs in the plains of America, so must be Coastal Indians. Or Plain Pocahontas Bull #$%$
  16. TUCKER, or Tucker’s staff
    I think I am putting you guys on the fake news list. Enough of giving platforms to idiots, and putting out lies. Validate your data.

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