KFC POPCORN CHICKEN vs HOMEMADE – Finger Licking Good Recipe!

KFC POPCORN CHICKEN vs HOMEMADE Finger Licking Good Recipe 737x415 - KFC POPCORN CHICKEN vs HOMEMADE - Finger Licking Good Recipe!

KFC Popcorn Chicken Recipe plus the secret herbs and spices!
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  3. I’ve noticed that chicken bites (or popcorn bites) are better than nuggets or strips .. they’re in between sizes; popcorn chicken pieces are bigger than nuggets but smaller than strips.. but almost anywhere I go, the bites are better

  4. I always enjoyed your channel, ??? I really did not appreciate the comment at 1:07 about President Trump and Kim Jong Un nor will I support anyone who makes comments like this.

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    You’re still free to say what you want and I’m still free to watch and support what I want.

  5. sir please you make one video al baik chicken broast believe me this is world number one chicken you see %!& video on google

  6. Since going vegetarian this is the only thing I’ve missed. It’s been 3 years and I still crave popcorn chicken, I need to find a meat free recipe.

  7. Hey Nicko, is that an airfryer in the background? Can you please do a review of your model and show us how they work please! I’ve been wanting one, &!@ would love to see what you can do with it please 😊

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  9. Store 🏪 bought chicken popcorns doesn’t tastes like real chicken pieces so I would better to go for the homemade one.

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