KFC | Today’s Teens | Original Recipe

KFC Todays Teens Original Recipe 737x415 - KFC | Today's Teens | Original Recipe

The original Colonel Sanders is here to tell you about his Original Recipe fried chicken. His secret blend of 11 herbs and spices is guaranteed to make everyone smile. In their own way.

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  1. Welp it’s official, CCUSA (CC – Chicken Capital) is the best ad campaign in Kfc History

  2. Sadly, in Canada, KFC has decided to start cutting it’s chickens into 15 pieces instead of 9 $*# still charge the same price. It’s the biggest rip-off in the fast food industry. I’ve been a life-long actual card-carrying lover of KFC &#& no more. I just can’t believe they think Canadians are this stupid. It’s like they doubled the price! I encourage all Canadians to boycott KFC until they go back to their original sized pieces.

  3. Haha! Remember when The Partridge Family did a fried chicken commercial? I thought this was going have 70’s kids like that. What a surprise.

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