Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe 737x415 - Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

Chef Tom takes a little inspiration from the hit 1990s sitcom Friends and cooks up a leftover turkey sandwich so good that you’ll want to make a turkey dedicated to it.

$l&% Recipe:

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48 Comments on Leftover Turkey Sandwich Recipe

  1. I just made that pumpkin pie you $@s@ had and wow it was tough $#@ worth it! This channel is legit. On a scale 1-10 how hard is the *$@&&?#@&!%

  2. I remember some haters trying to criticise chef tom’s knife work in texas style brisket video. They should watch him carve the orange like a pro. Waiting on that Tandoori chicken.

  3. I’m more excited for this than the actual dinner. I do something similar %? the gravy soaked bread is just another level

  4. I feel like a little more of Tom’s personality was on display %!?*? I hate turkey #&& this might be my favorite video.

  5. Beast Mode has a new definition! And it’s this Beast!!!! Left over turkey, never looked so good!😉

    Cheers Chef!

  6. Other than the Brie and Mayo that looks spot on. I had that sandwich one year at a Friends viewing party absolutely delicious

  7. Can you do a video with chicken/pork skewers which sauce contains sugar (vietnamese or thai). I would love to have technics to &o$* the meat correctly $?* avoiding the sugar to burn. Thanks.

  8. ?$#**#$ at 3:24 the adding of the red wine vinegar, does it help balance the tartness of the cranberries? Or serve another purpose? Nice recipe!! And I think I love leftover Thanksgiving food more than Thanksgiving Day food itself.

  9. Channel Binging With Babish made a friends recipe *% well
    Rachel’s Triffle


    Autocorrect changed the name of the Triffle

  10. Seeing Chef Tom again feels like I’m visiting an old friend who knows how to #o$@ a mean meal. Another great video.

  11. I’m glad someone else knows about “food lube”. I always end my order at Subway with “and for lube, I want…” It never fails to elicit a look somewhere between puzzlement and disgust. Sorry, folks u& those condiments not only add flavor, ?!# they also make it easier to swallow big bites of sandwich without $@?!@@*& Unpleasant fact, %*% a fact nonetheless.

  12. LOL – I have never seen someone get kissed by a Turkey sandwich before. Perfect shade of lipstick! – Great work!

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