Let’s Mix: My Custard (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

Lets Mix My Custard DIY E liquid Recipes 737x415 - Let's Mix: My Custard (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

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58 Comments on Let’s Mix: My Custard (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

  1. ive got everything except flv’s popcorn…but i do have OoO’s cornbread. ive been making almost exactly this recipe !$! with OoO’s.
    6% custard
    1.5 shisha v
    1.5 sweet cream
    .5 caps butter
    2 yellow cake
    3 cornbread

  2. Just became a member the other day on your site. @$@!?@ wait for my scale to come in the mail and stop mixing by volume. Thanks for everything you do bub, merry Christmas.

  3. prolly not spending $6 on flv popcorn to make one recipe, might try it with cereal 27 though because its a corn cereal flavor

  4. I vapes 20-30ml per day 
    should I concern about diacetyl a/p and acetoin? , all my recipe has 7-8% CAP VC v1 , CAP butter cream 1% , TFA sweet cream 2-4%
    I hope I to get good answer , to keep vape it or change to fruits recipes …

    thanks ..

    • VCV1 is very high in diacetyl. And at 7-8% that’s also quite high. It does damage the lungs in small amounts, and in a way that’s not reversible by stopping. So it would be best to keep that kind of flavor to a few mls per day and have the rest of your daily allowance be low in i@%!%$&$*! There are many ways to cut back though, like higher resistance coils that don’t burn through #* much juice, or maybe higher nic so you’re not feeling the need to vape !* much.

  5. I like the other version with kettle corn, ?#* custards don’t perform well in the sub ohm tank so lately I have kept my distance. Props to you, thanks for the recipe

  6. Ooo corn bread is a fantastic flavor.
    I am pretty close to cloning country clouds corn bread pudding.
    We will never know exactly whats in a recipe but,i guarantee they are using Ooo corn bread,and possibly Ooo bread pudding.
    I used both with shisha vanilla,capella vanilla whipped cream,tfa kettle corn,capella super sweet
    They might be using a different vanilla,or combination of vanillas because it is the best,creamiest,sweetest vanilla I have ever tasted.Dont know how they pulled it off.Maybe just steeping,and time.
    Also,i made one recipe with hc sweet corn,and it steeps out,and steeps well after a few days.It wont always over power your mix.
    Country Clouds Corn Bread Pudding is one commercial recipe that is awesome.

  7. You broke my heart with the FW Yellow &!&?% I knew it was going to be in there. !%u@$@ to u%@ that in my lungs 🙁 will try and figure out some kind of (don’t want to use the ‘S’ word) alternative.

  8. I can feel my lungs quiver. Yikes! I’m sure it tastes fantastic. prefer to keep VC at 4% or below. JF Yellow a?%! is a safer alternative to FW Cancer $#%.# it’s good to have a DAAP juice to dip in to though. My favourite is ThirdWorldOrder’s, Imperial u#??&%*!&*%& Amazingly rich and indulgent vape. Always entertaining videos Wayne.

  9. THANKYOU Wayne was waiting for this all day yesterday, better late than not at all, MERRY CHRISTMAS BROTHER

    • Jeffrey Potter I’m planning on making some both ways. I mean it really won’t cost much to try it that way. It’s kind of like a peanut !&&@?* cheeseburger. Until you try it you’ll never know. If you do try it you might love it. I promise you that is no bs really it’s a thing.

  10. It never fails….I ONLY try your recipes and i always finding myself missing (1) flavor….lol I don’t have the popcorn….

    Anyway Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to everyone!!!

  11. Love everything in this recipe except the popcorn. Thinking about making this and subing the popcorn with 1% inawera creme brulee.

  12. Merry Christmas and happy new year Wayne and thank you for this recipe, still waiting on my flavors to come !@% I’m really excited for this

  13. Wayne said country crocks in the beginning lol it’s all good great video though n can’t wait to try it

  14. Perfect timing. ** soon #* you $!! up the ingredients on the site I ordered $50 of flavors for this (plus flv eggnog ty ID10-T for the tip) and it $!*% all be ##?% tomorrow. I accidentally ordered another 4 oz of CAP VC1 I was hoping to find a recipe to use it. Thanks so much brother I hope you have a ##&*r&$&* time with your family.

  15. I i!&* try this mix onceni buy the popcorn %!? im very sensitive to cap van custard it makes me feel sick over 3% %$@ ill give it a 10ml !@@& lol.

  16. Wayne you MUST try vaperfogs xtreme double custard. Hands down the BEST custard i have ever vaped. I vape since three years and tried estimately over 20 and tried mixing my own. Nothing matched with the stuff from vaperfog from England. Greetz from Germany

  17. please remix Epic Juice Wake n Vape. a good coffee/vanilla/cream juice recipe is so hard to find.

    Gonna mix this without the popcorn and then with the popcorn after I get it ordered and delivered. custards are right up my alley. CAP V1 is soooo good!

  18. You should try this recipe I got from my uncle I honestly didn’t think it was going to be any good and I stand corrected it was amazing one of my favorites and so simple it’s capella cola @ 6% and menthol @0.75% there’s just a little hint of menthol it’s like drinking a %$* with ice it’s amazing, it would be awesome if you made a video on how you think of it and you always could *t& a little twist on it so I can try yours🙂

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