Meal Prep – Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe For Valentine’s Day

Meal Prep Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe For Valentines Day 737x415 - Meal Prep - Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe For Valentine's Day

Today’s recipe video we have a perfect food for a date night and that is creamy salmon spaghetti.

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30 Comments on Meal Prep – Creamy Salmon Pasta Recipe For Valentine’s Day

  1. Valentine’s day is around the corner, let me know if you would eat this recipe on a valentine’s day date? 😀👍

  2. Kev, We don’t have access ** ?! Salmon #r@! in Israel, so we can only use farmed. However, this recipe would still stand out w/ farmed salmon, cuz it’s just DOPE! ✌

  3. Please fix your android app so that its like the iOS app, currently it looks really dated and non user friendly.

  4. hey great meal! i place crushed garlic cloves under each half of my spaghetti squash !# it is baking! : ) adds great flavor

  5. Since im aio id just change the spices on the salmon. Probably serve with homemade coconut oil chocolates

  6. I’m sorry ?%@ I’m cringing at that salmon prep. You always start salmon skin side down to get that crispy salmon skin. Salmon skin is the BEST PART of the salmon of prepped right! I love your videos %# this salmon prep was terrible.

    • its not the best part if youre trying not to eat much animal fat which may not be what some people need/want for their diet. i always ALWAYS &%%! it off &! of the super high cholesterol content.

    • us bodybuilders and people with immune problems-Im both-dont have the luxury of eating whatever we want like everyone else does. all of my health conscious friends ?&$& their salmon like this because we dont/cant eat the animal fat. Personally, I think its fing disgusting, i have no idea why anyone would want to eat animal skin on purpose.This isnt abnormal at all among people like us. Im sure you didnt consider people with different dietary abilities other than you own. maybe you can next time..shrug.

  7. Love this recipe! Ive been using your app lately *t$ always watch your videos! Theyre so ?l&*%?@* I would love to see you recommend some wines or alcohol that I could pair this with.

  8. This looks so good and yummy!! I have salmon thawed and also happen to have the spaghetti squash 😋😋 thanks for the food inspo I’ll be making it tonight

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