Michelada Recipe (We Announce our GIVEAWAY!!) | Us Always

Michelada Recipe We Announce our GIVEAWAY Us Always 737x415 - Michelada Recipe (We Announce our GIVEAWAY!!) | Us Always

Hey loves, this has been a highly requested video so we hope you guys enjoy it!! We also do announce our first YouTube giveaway and how to enter so make sure to SUBSCRIBE and turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out on our giveaway🧡

Michelada Ingredients⤵️
– 1 Lime
– Clamato Picante
– Tajin
– Tapatio
– Pepper
– Beer Salt
– Beer Of Choice
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50 Comments on Michelada Recipe (We Announce our GIVEAWAY!!) | Us Always

  1. Done since the beginning (: hope Iam not to late to enter ❤️ since I have a toddler and infant it’s hard for me to watch sometimes 😩

  2. Notification are on!!!! love you @%!%$ would be a dream to win the giveaway 😩💞💓♥️💖💕✨♥️💖💞💖😩

  3. hope to meet you us&! one day, i’m from Hanford.. Bakers isn’t far from me at all!! Realist you tubers in the gammmmeeee 🤗😁☺️

  4. Looks so bomb 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 done girl u know I had them off way before that. I hardly ever do this but I would to win a give away! love u girl can’t wait to see your beautiful princess on the way ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Done!! 😊 you look so cute pregnant. My mouth was seriously watery from that michelada, looked so bomb! 😩

  6. I feel like everyone makes micheladas differently, depending on personal preference. I use completely different ingredients. Besides the Clamato lime and !$!# of course. Anyone interested in my recipe? 🤔

    Also, this made me crave a michelada so bad lol

  7. I recently started following you $$!# since I seen your gender reveal video #t% I love watching you &y$* and your so cute preggo happy for you to have a girl I have 2 boys $# well and I would love a girl aswell lol $@#%$ anyways love you *%%? and merry christmas🎄 #done🤞💕

  8. #Doneee been subscribed & notified since day one💕 goodluck everyone! You have such a $@%&&f!! family girl 💞

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