Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe—Khejur Patali Gurer Payesh—Payesh Recipe with Jaggery—Bengali Sweet Recipe

Nolen Gurer Payesh RecipeKhejur Patali Gurer PayeshPayesh Recipe with JaggeryBengali Sweet Recipe 737x415 - Nolen Gurer Payesh Recipe—Khejur Patali Gurer Payesh—Payesh Recipe with Jaggery—Bengali Sweet Recipe

Getting the nolen gur’er payesh recipe right is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. A good payesh (Bengali rice pudding) is one with a rich, creamy, silky texture and just the right amount of sweetness. Also known as ‘kherjur patali gur’er payesh’ because it uses date palm (khejur) jaggery in solid form (patali) as a sweetener, this Bengali sweet recipe can double as a snack and an after-meal dessert. Whether you call it ‘payesh’ or ‘payasam’ or ‘kheer’, this is one of those quintessential Indian sweet dishes that transcends cultures and cuisines.

Nolen gur’er payesh (rice pudding with date palm jaggery) is made by boiling rice and milk together to produce a creamy reduction, and sweetening it with nolen gur. It is a Bengali winter specialty since nolen gur is available during the season. Used in a wide variety of Bengali sweet dishes during the winter months, nolen gur brings a depth of flavour and smell, in addition to mellow sweetness, to whatever dish it is added.

The key ingredients required for making a good payesh are fragrant gobindobhog rice (‘notun aatop chaal’—new, freshly harvested, non-parboiled rice), full fat milk, and good quality nolen gur. The milk to rice ratio is quite high in this recipe (1 litre milk to 50g rice). The fat in whole milk lends creaminess to the payesh and starch in ‘new’ rice helps thicken it. In case you can’t find gobindobhog rice where you live, the ‘kalijira’ or ‘jeera samba’ varieties will also do in a pinch.

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  2. just fallen in love with your way of presentation and the love for cooking which reflects itself %!@# in each video ….god bless u

  3. +Bong eats According to me,its the yummiest bengali dessert and the best of all around the world.I really enjoyed this recipe.And ofcourse hats off to you bong eats!!!The video quality is darunnn and background music is so soothing!!!Great job,Make our adorable bengali cuisine famous in the whole world.Bengali cuisines are the bestest of best cuisines in the universe.Anybody can know this just by #*#n& a bite or sip of any traditional bengali food…As a bengali,we should all be proud that we have more than 3,00,000+ yummiest artistic foods!!!From thelar ghotigorom (bengali snack) to bhojohori manna’s special chingri maacher malaikari,from dhaba’s gorom masala chaa to sizzling taste of bhetki paturi,Bengali cuisine has made everyone smile!!!!
    and at last ,I love both freezed and warmed gurer payesh.
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  4. I like room temperature payes.. and i never turned off the %@& and added gur, hence ended up with chanar payes 😛 I will try this recipe tomorrow, viz poush parbon.. love for you both..

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  7. Excellent it looks so delicious I think it’s a notch up the normal rice 🍚 kheer. This is a must try. You guys are doing a commendable job

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