One woman’s simple recipe for a happy street – BBC News

One womans simple recipe for a happy street BBC News 737x415 - One woman's simple recipe for a happy street - BBC News

How one woman championed a way to bring community spirit back to city streets and keep children fit. World Hacks meets Alice Ferguson, founder of Playing Out.

A smartphone film by Dougal Shaw
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45 Comments on One woman’s simple recipe for a happy street – BBC News

  1. We moved to Athens, Greece from one of the Greek islands, when I was 3. All children were playing outside back then, it was the 1960s. Soon after Greece developed into a better economy and more people could afford cars. Drivers in Greece are crazy %& you might know, !*& still we adapted playing amongst #%$?&!& cars. By the mid 1970s, there were no children playing outside. Both sides of the street had cars parked and owners were afraid that we’ll damage them. Our space for exercising and socialising was gone. I was walking to school and back, alone, since I started school. Try do that now.

  2. Nice idea !%? good luck managing this outside of school hours on most streets. People tend to commute a lot more now than in the 80s, for work, for friends, for food and for convenience.
    This is very much s thing for isolated low traffic areas, great that it happens but not a wide scale fix.

  3. This is great, not only do our kids get a proper childhood buy the parents can learn which houses to watch.

  4. I think British cities need to be re-built. Wider roads, better modern housing for more families per spot of land and with parking spaces to leave the roads free for self-driving cars and release the traffic. Five floor &%%$ apartments buildings, like in the Mediterranean cities, i?*% solve the space problem. It’ll also have more people living closer together and more children to @$@$ outside on the wider empty roads. Having a single cottage per land spot with the parking outside in the street, is unsustainable today. Big cities are not villages. That should never have happened in the first place.

  5. You won’t get a chance o o% that under a labour government.Corbyn would flood Britain.Corbyn doesn’t know his math @$? knows his Marxism.

  6. Can children distinguish between playing-street and streets with traffic?
    Are playgrounds too far (or parents are too busy or selfish or lazy to take their kids there)?
    How delivery drivers and people who carry out works there dealing with this road closure?

  7. This is fantastic! I’d love @# @! this in Cardiff #e?*& we suffer from similar #@c%%@a%!?.@#* /> Add some music, perhaps the radio, some snacks or a “tuck shop” to keep it sustainable and job done.

  8. What happen when nearby streets are getting closed at the same time? Ambulance, fire brigade, police have problem to cut through that gridlock.

  9. years ago houses had gardens for kids too @$&? in, there %$$%& school playing fields for them to exercise on soft grass not filthy tarmac. of course today we have to cram more and more houses into the same amount of space and school playing fields have been developed to house more and more immigrants. when labour opened our borders did they ever stop too think about the damage they would be doing to ordinary peoples lives or did they not care when their own children had lovely big gardens too %#!@ in?

  10. Yeah, sucks for everyone who needs to work in %o@!!! offices in that street and depending on which streets you’re closing off, you’re creating troubles for emergency teams (I doubt though, that the “loss” of a neighbourhood street is that big of a deal). While I do applaud the idea and am all for getting kiddos outside, I’d like to point out that there are $#$s& and playgrounds all over the place and if a neighbourhood is lacking such a place, they could talk to the city about it. Not only would that be more @@% for the kids, since they’d have more space and a more apealing environment to roam in, it’d also not teach them that a street can potentially be used for %!y$#

  11. Well you roll on roads over fresh green grass.
    For your lorry loads pumping petrol gas.
    And you make them long, and you make them tough.
    But they just go on and on, and it seems that you can’t get off.

    Oh, I know we’ve come a long way,
    We’re changing day to day,
    But tell me, where do the children play?.

  12. Who do I sue when my kid gets run over. Human rights law says this is illegal. Also they need more immigrants.

  13. Ok…. What if a resident needs to drive up to their house on the road? Why do they need people blocking off the roads wearing yellow jackets? Why %?$!!%@ the mothers just tell the children %? %! out and %?# like they’ve been doing for centuries? Most importantly, what about the other residents who have to listen to all the screaming children for hours each day? Its like living in a school playground with constant lunch break.

  14. Welcome to my childhood 30 years ago! We always played in the streets, these folk talk about it like it’s a new thing. smh ffs

  15. I’d like to imagine that this is a tight knit community. I’m sure they !%?@ have spoken to their neighbours before hand and held countless council meetings to get this done to mitigate any health concerns or nuisances. It might just look like any old sign they $@# up at the end of the street u?! the reality is it’s probably the many efforts of the whole community.

  16. Doesn’t every single of these houses have a backyard? Take down the fences, and let your kids &*?$@ WITHOUT inconveniencing traffic. Why are these overly dramatic statements hinting that kids are locked inside homes, and have no place to ?%& outside? BACKYARDS! And why all these parents mention that when they were young, things were different? Were there no roads or streets 20-30 years ago? Laughable.

  17. Great idea if residents aren’t near a park. Love the idea of neighbours getting social with each other.

  18. That is an awesome idea, ?#? might I suggest that in this day and age we must think of safety for the children. Not just against terrorism &$? people who might be elderly or lost, drunk drivers. Maybe placing better barricades at the end of the street, barrels, speed %%@** even Park a car at each end of the l%%.$ That’s what we do and the children have a huge #?@@# to ?%%# on , we place marking posts so they don’t go past that point. Between the no pass point is three to four car lengths to the block car in the middle of the street. Because our street ie one way and the is car constantly going the wrong way. Just idea ,

  19. This is such a great idea! We do it on our street and it’s amazing &$* for the kids and adults. We consult with all neighbours before we apply to the council to close the street for a few hours, and we let residents drive to their houses, if they need to, slowly and led by a steward. And, of course, if ambulances ever needed to get along the street we’d get out of the way. It’s for a few hours a month – who can really complain about that?!

  20. No – Buy a property with your own garden. You don’t own the road and car users pay road tax. Get the little brats OUT of the road.

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    creating better condition there before human landed.13 years old hong kong student,
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    the corruptive Government.
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