Pigs In A Blanket – “Extra Cheesy” (Delicious Cooking Recipes)

Pigs In A Blanket Extra Cheesy Delicious Cooking Recipes 737x415 - Pigs In A Blanket - "Extra Cheesy" (Delicious Cooking Recipes)

Trailer Park Cookin” with Genie B. Delishus is the cooking show that features easy-to-make, low-budget, scrumptious recipes that are right outta the Trailer Park. Now, this AINT no health food show! These recipes are down right greasy, loaded with salt, fattening, high-calorie, loaded with sugar, fun, creative recipes. In this episode, Genie B. Delishus shows you how to make her recipe for “Pigs In A Blanket”.

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I am not a professional Chef, I’m just a home-cookin woman!
-Genie B.

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