Rice Crispy Wings – Crispy Gluten-Free Chicken Wings Recipe

Rice Crispy Wings Crispy Gluten Free Chicken Wings Recipe 737x415 - Rice Crispy Wings - Crispy Gluten-Free Chicken Wings Recipe

Learn how to make Rice Crispy Wings! Visit for the ingredients, more information, and many, many more video recipes. I hope you enjoy this crispy gluten-free chicken wings recipe!

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50 Comments on Rice Crispy Wings – Crispy Gluten-Free Chicken Wings Recipe

  1. I thought that coating looked freaking awesome, so I don’t understand the concern. Those wings are gorgeous!!

  2. My girlfriend hates…..ummm…… dislikes your voice, or should I say the cadence of your voice. Me, I i find it animated and easy to follow. Love the vids, keep it up please.

  3. After eating chicken wings since I was a little girl, that part being my favorite, I can’t believe I’ve been eating them incorrectly all these years. My son doesn’t like wings because they have bones, maybe if I show him, he *@!! like them better.

  4. RIP, Tom Petty. LOVE Chef John. I think everyone in the know caught his reference. !&&&!%#%@#% I think Mr. Petty would’ve been quite flattered. My old high school band director went to high school with him. Check this out, and happy cookin’ 🙂 :

  5. I made these, and with ground rice flour which I found at the supermarket amazingly, anyway these were/are the best wing things to have with sauce. Thanks for sharing Chef John.

  6. You don’t have to eat like it’s gluten-free (You don’t have to eat like it’s gluten-free)

    We’re gonna miss you, Tom. May you ascend to Rock & Roll Valhalla.

  7. I often use hand crushed Rice Krispies cereal *% a !*$##%&*$@ to panko bread crumbs. It’s great for katsu.

  8. The comment section of these videos is always the same.

    *YUM! I wanna try that!
    *Why am I watching this? I don’t cook.
    *His voice is annoying
    *I love his voice
    *White-knighting for Chef John’s voice

  9. One coating I like using for my chicken is crushed oatcakes and self-raising wheat flour.
    Crush that all together finely, with your spices too.
    Egg (or water) wash, coat the chicken, leave to settle for a bit while preparing other stuff for cooking, then pop that chicken in to fry and cook the other stuff I am having with it. (be it some cooked grains, salad, fried veg + noodles or other)

    I experimented with a simple water wash the other day and just the wheat flour.
    It worked really well. I wasn’t expecting the water to work for it.
    Chicken came out crispy and moist.
    Also put some of it on the chicken skin ( removed it) and fried, it was magical.

  10. If you’re one of those with gluten intolerance or Irritable bowel syndrome , hope You like this recipe .
    If you’re one of this perfectly healthy individuals who are following a gluten free diet because they were duped by some Dude selling his books : You’re stupid , and i pity the gullible idiots like you

  11. Thank you for a gluten free recipe for wings! I’ve been craving wings! I cannot hv gluten so of course all that can happen with most recipes I watch on yours and other channels, is a growling stomach…😥
    I’m giving these a try very soon! 😄

  12. Speaking of rice flour, can you still get a good result using it in bisque instead of overcooking rice and blending?

  13. Chef John, thank you! I have a gluten allergy and I watch your recipes so I can create food other people can eat. This was a special treat that moved me to tears.

  14. Anyone in their right mind would know that Chef John was saluting the great musician/songwriter Tom Petty.

  15. Friend and I have been watching a bunch of your videos for about a week. We %%#%$!! hate your cadence, *$% you’re one %$!? of chef, 10 out of 10, would watch again.

  16. Losing Tom Petty for whatever reason gives me that twinge of cry real tears sadness. I’m not normally that way when someone famous dies. A lot of great music from a genuine rock icon and one of the last true rock stars. Peace and love Tom, thank you for being a big part of the soundtrack of my life.

  17. I always add rice flour to my aall purpose flour for my fried chicken, I use !b&! red mill %* well. It makes it airy and crispy. Ppl always ask what’s my recipe. Never thought to try rice flour alone, very nice

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