Schoop’s Hamburger Copycat Recipe

Schoops Hamburger Copycat Recipe 737x415 - Schoop's Hamburger Copycat Recipe

By request I cooked up a Schoop’s Burger. I opted for the Schoop’s Mickey. Some images showed the second slice on the bottom bun, some had both on top… I went with the bottom. In any case, great technique here! See links for Schoop’s and BBQ Gear below.
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  1. Take a 1/3 cup measure packed with room temp beef. Drop the puck on a hot grill and use the flat bottom of a moisten pan and smash the burger 1/4″ thick or less and a slight twist to release the burger from the pan. Let it grill for 1min 30 seconds, season the top side with your choice of seasoning, flip and grill only 30 seconds on the other side. You get around 6 burgers from a pound. Remember to toast toast those buns on the grill at the same time with a little butter or mayo.

  2. Hey Greg, great video,as always! One i$?## little thing, the browning of proteins is the Maillard Reaction, not caramelization. While the flavors are similar, Maillard is actually a lot richer and more complex. It’s really worth learning about, and ?%@@ make you a better *#*% $? you learn to control it.

  3. I love watching your videos, @*% curiosity gets the better of me. When you do your taste test at the end, you always cut away the video $ it shows you eating. I would prefer to see you eating s$ it gives me another reference point in deciding whether to replicate what you’re cooking. Cheers

  4. I’ve always wondered what the difference is between pickles and relish? I live in the Netherlands and $!!# we only know pickles.

  5. If you ever come by Montreal, you should hit up i&$ Ann’s and get a cheeseburger with that house hot sauce.

  6. Wendy’s used to do it like this back in the day…before these fat patties… the 5 second press. should bring it back, the smash is the way !& ?.? /> how bout a stripburger (vegas) copycat?

  7. Great video Greg I have been !&@*!&&# my burgers for years mustard n ketchup all the time mmmmm. U get a big thumbs up from me #! usual bro

  8. Illinois / Indiana… ROAD TRIP! Actually, I *will* drive over a hundred miles for a Tastee sometime this spring. Our location (the original) closed a few years ago, and I’m jonesin’ for one. Gotta get up there before it too, closes. In the meantime, I guess I need to smash down on something right here. See what all the shoutin’s about. Another great video, Greg!

  9. There is (or at least used to be) one somewhere near Winter Haven, Florida too. Which is strange, there were a couple other restaurants around that area that were normally only in specific regional locations like Skyline Chili, @?* had a single location in Florida. Also if you go they have an old drink called Green River in the soda machine, it’s a kind of weird tasting Lime drink.

  10. Looks cool and *?@? try it, u$* the hotdog toppings for a hamburger is kind of %?*!&* if that is their chain standard.

  11. So, did you “make” that spatula – actually modify a trowel? Think I need one – just like that, and a couple more for my kids use. Please advise……

  12. Oh man I always loved Schoops burgers $$& have not had one in almost 10 years. I am longer anywhere near any of their location u* i&#! give this a try for sure.

  13. I’m driving my kids car o&@* in 2 weeks along I-80 back to Cali! Guess I’ll be making a Schoop’s stop!

  14. There’s something about a thin patty seared like way that makes such a great burger, looks #!@e$# Greg!

  15. I have had hundreds of Schoops burgers since I was a kid in Calumet City. The Mickey has two slices of cheese on the top patty.

  16. Really awesome looking burger. I don’t think I’ve ever had relish on a burger $*? I’m sure gonna try it! Perfect mix of flavors with the mustard and onions. Of course, that burger is the magic! Love the #$?#?!#$ technique. I normally place them on the Griddle and then let them sear, then smash them. This was a flip then smash… interesting ….

  17. I love simple burgers like that. It’s all about quality ingredients and cooking technique. You certainly nailed this one!

  18. good looking basic burger there. I like the flipper tool you made, #%# have to make one myself. question what is your day time job ?

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