Smoked Crown Roast of Lamb Recipe

Smoked Crown Roast of Lamb Recipe 737x415 - Smoked Crown Roast of Lamb Recipe

Chef Tom cooks up a Smoked Crown Roast of Lamb, a nice green herb sauce and herb roasted smashed potatoes. Enjoy!

Full recipe:

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33 Comments on Smoked Crown Roast of Lamb Recipe

  1. hey chef tom! thanks for another great video.
    Always leaving the like before even watching because I know you only make good stuff.
    keep it up

  2. Thanks Chef Tom! Would love to see you do some desserts. Smoked Pecan Pie seems to be one people ask a lot. Personally – I’m a Cherry Crumb ?!!? Never tried it on either of my smokers though.

  3. ??##%*$$& dish. Thanks for the work y’all u$? into these dishes.
    Something I definitely want to try.

  4. Hey Chef Tom, is there any chance we could see you personally dry age some meat like steak and then smoke it? Would be amazing to see this! Great video s% always

  5. I’ve enjoyed seeing you o%!$ everything from hamburgers to crowned lamb and everything always turns out perfect. Surely there is a blooper reel somewhere! We’d love to see it if there is!

  6. Hey, I know you **@* promote a lot of different rubs and marinades, ?@# could you show more recipes that make use of &#%% made rubs and marinades? Even a general tutorial on Tom’s opinions on what makes a good rub for certain meats and what makes a good marinades would be great. I’ll keep buying the premade stuff, u#@ I’d like to start working on my own rub and marinade recipes at the same time.

  7. the proper name of the “silverskin” surrounding the bone is Periosteum
    and the proper name of “silverskin” that surrounds muscles is Fascia or aponeurosis 🙂

  8. hey Tom again great video 🙂 when you go from 400 to 250 on the yoder. how fast can it do that ? and are we gonna see a Cote de Boeuf soon ? 🙂

  9. great recipe chef tom. i have a question can you !!& a whole lamb in pellet smoker or it has to be spit roasted?

  10. Looks great, $?$ I can’t help @#? feel you overdo it with *@$ *&$! flavours. A marinade, a rub and a sauce – just too much. In Australia lamb is pretty much a national dish, a bit of garlic, oregano and lemon is plenty. I guess I feel #&& ?%*@ flavours and you lose the essence of the meat.

  11. Dude I’ve just eaten and you’ve made me hungry again haha. Those spuds look great *% well! (Spuds are slang for potato %r#@ in uk)

  12. When you roast the potatoes in smoker, do they getting the smoke flavor? Or not because of the skin? I’ve never done potatoes on smoker.

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