Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH

Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E liquid Recipe REMIXMONTH 737x415 - Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH

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34 Comments on Strawberry Jam Monster DIY E-liquid Recipe #REMIXMONTH

  1. Ah like yer terminology @@*#!** yellow” @!& me your the man. Love your vids.
    P.s “no spelling errors…I’m from Glasgow..

  2. One of my fave juices. $@* hey Wayne I was wondering why after years of vaping I’m now feeling shortness of breath after vaping. Could it be my asthma resurfacing ?

    • zaahatchetman ?m%*%! thats highly possible – do you vape direct to lung? If so maybe try MTL for a while…

    • I have noticed this recently too. Try reducing your nicotine, or quitting for a few days. &t! if you are at all concerned you should be asking your doctor! Always remember vaping is harm reduction from smoking, not harmless.

  3. Been wanting an accurate clone of Jam Monster since I started DIY. Already ordered all the ingredients from BCV. Hope this one is @@ spot on ## all your other remixes. 😀

  4. WW- you are a true pro – your $#$$$% are so refined dude – I am amazed every time 👌😎😉😁💨💨

  5. @DIY or DIE yo wayne have you tried Vapetrain’s Strawberry Jam?I just mixed it up yesterday and it’s a really nice sweet jam flavour worth to be picked up

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