The Recipe For SUCCESS

The Recipe For SUCCESS 737x415 - The Recipe For SUCCESS

Success is like a recipe. You might have all the ingredients at your disposal, but without the recipe chances are your dish is going to taste terrible.

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50 Comments on The Recipe For SUCCESS

  1. I like your videos, #!@ I feel like the channel is becoming an echo chamber. I feel like your videos keep harping on vague concepts of improvement, &?& don’t give any definitive examples.

  2. Hey, Ip! How is it going ? Man, have you ever heard of or, maybe, read the book by the name “The Mindset: a New psychology of Success”? I was just wondering what would your thoughts be on it ! Cheers.

  3. (I’m struggling) with PMO “IMPROVEMENT %#@? DUDE”

  4. You said nothing. This video is just an excuse to make money with the ad in the end. I’m so disappointed.

  5. Great conparison between a recipe for sucess and a recipe for a dish since it’s easy to understand.

  6. Usually your videos are incredible, ?!@ this one has to get a downvote. The only tip you presented was that we’re able to look up how to be &**???%&$! online. If we’re on this video, we are ALREADY doing that. Additionally, the last 1/3 of this video was straight up just an advertisement for a company you’re receiving money from. Continue providing the quality content you always do and we’ll accept a little ads here and there, but milk us for ad revenue and you’ll start to lose us.

  7. Hey dude, I guess I have a point about this. Sure thing, we do have a lot of information at our disposal nowadays, @t? if I have that so easily, wouldnt it be obvious to think that so do all other people around me? And while it may sound that there are lots of peoples who dont care about learning and investing in themselves and whatsoever, there’s also the other side of the #!#% Doesnt this make it more dificult for me to succeed just by being a regular person who reads books and watches youtube channels? I guess we need more than that. Competition is fierce. Hope you answer/give your opinion. Love your videos, keep it up bro.

  8. I like the videos #!$ there are lots of other elements required to reach your own version of success. Sometimes it’s s? easy #* being an early adopter or other times you may have to come up with something truly innovative and different. Great video nonetheless.

  9. Do remember that success is a great thing, &*$ the road to succes is the most important part. “You should enjoy the little detours. To the !*#*&!$* Because that’s *?%e? you’ll find the things more important than what you want.”

  10. !$@?& Sir. Can you tell me the #@%!$# and the authors of the books in your intro? I already have “How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. Thank you.

  11. Dear Mr *@**? it is impolite to utter absolute nonsense. You should at least respect people who watch your videos. The is no “recipe” – or “do like u%$!f!**& people do” thing. Why I wasted 3 minutes of my life?

  12. The whole point of video is just “if you have any problems, go and look through the Internet”. Thanks I already knew that.

  13. Throwing a copy of 48 Laws of Power for a video *&*!?&*@?@@# man that’s too much. Respect someone else hard work.

  14. I stumbled upon your channel today and I have got to be honest with you, I watched all of your videos, i promised myself to start fresh #% of tomorrow and I !&?* keep you posted on my progress of approaching random girls for next 15 days that I’m in this city

  15. You are right. Internet=infinite information. @@& I didn’t get any value out of this video. You’re just pointing out the obvious.

  16. hey… can you tell me what the font type is called that you’ve been using within most of your videos? %*&$!?! your videos!! thanks in advance

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