The Schweinebraten Incident

In New York I promised Zach to cook one night, so we invited some people over. Cooking for 15 people is not that easy, so I went to an old butcher place in town, which already looked funny from the outside with 3 guys in their late 60s sitting outside and no customer around. So I bought a 7 pound piece of pork (around 4,5 kg) and tried cook it. During the process I poured beer (in this case shitty american light beer bc there was no german beer around) on top. Somehow having the oven on for over two hours made the fire alarm go off and 3 minutes later we had firefighters in the flat asking us whats up looking at Mareen in the kitchen and turning around again “She’s just cooking”.

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  1. he went on for another minute ?&? i had to cut it somewhere…he has such a nice mafia new york dialect…

  2. He didn’t mind you taping? That was cool. I love seeing things that you don’t see elsewhere. Huge saw!

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