Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟 🍟 Cook & Review

Traditional Fish Chips Recipe Cook Review 737x415 - Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟  🍟  Cook & Review

Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟 🍟 Cook & Review
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50 Comments on Traditional Fish & Chips Recipe 🐟 🍟 Cook & Review

  1. Hey ##*%& thank you so much for keeping this series alive with all your views, ratings and comments. Don’t forget to share.
    Please leave ideas you would like to see in future episodes in the comments below and we will try and get around to doing as many as we can, thanks. Ken & Paul

  2. I have the same issue w/fried stuff. Could be from too old frying oil and how battered/breaded food absorbs more oil like @%&? said. A lot of restaurants don’t change their frying oil *? often #% they should. When I fry at !%*& with fresh oil or one time used, I never have a problem.

  3. My $u?! had a flash flood and my taste buds set a table on my tongue! Now I want some fish and chips! 😎🍟

  4. “Bitter &%$ Taste!” Love it, that @&#$ be my phrase of the week %#e% on out and @?@? use it a lot! Thanks Ken, and another great vid!!!!!

  5. This @&%? guy seems like a great ok#&@ $$? who is this irritating, bald man? All he does is whine and complain while %$#$ o#&?? Very ??%a**?#@@# &%#@?&! to try the malt vinegar! Just give it a go you big baby!

  6. Scratch made tartar sauce.. without $l?@ and pepper and rather thickly/messily chopped pickle… smh..

  7. The method is correct ?*# that’s not a “traditional” fish & chips. Black pepper should be nowhere near the fish or chips once cooked, !& it completely changes the flavour.
    Likewise, both the fish and chips should be doused liberally with salt and malt vinegar.

  8. As somebody that worked in a kitchen at a traditional f&c stall for 5 years you ?*$* came pretty close. Let’s start with the good things. Blanching the chips is a must. Major props for $*&&#*l!!g@$ the fish, less oil is absorbed @# it takes less time to ?*%&? Batter was close, need a bit of sugar and a neutral flavoured oil to help colour the fish especially in fresh oil. Also the batter was bit to thick. The consistency should something similar to alfredo sauce. This i$? give you a nice thin shell that’s light and crispy and #@&! be far less oily. The tartar sauce wasn’t bad @$@ fresh garlic dill and homemade mayo really makes it memorable.

    Chips 8/10 nice thickness, perhaps a little dark. Not sure about the inclusion of pepper.

    Tartar sauce 7.5/10 good base. Sometimes throwing the onions in boiling water for a few seconds will eliminate that harsh raw onion taste.

    Fish 7/10 again opening up the fish like that is a really key step nice job. Batter definitely a bit thick but that is easily fixed.

    Not a bad effort there mr. Paul.

  9. Hey ken c&r is such a good series. Since the cold weather is $&!n$ you !#$% should do chicken soup(homemade stock plz) with a club sandwich or turkey soup with leftover thanksgiving.. or *** the menu from tickle toad(yelp isn’t on its side) take care %y$%

  10. @l&! $#l* have a segment at Crave %n 2. He could ?!*# lunch for everyone in attendance. It would only take 20 mins ?$$ I’m sure he can come up with some time filler stuff. You know like a Q&A or something like that.

  11. Hey Ken and a%& you think you can $!k? a soup? Suggestions — Broccoli cheese, chicken tortilla , Zoppa toscana (creamy potato, sausage, kale soup)maybe accompanied by some cheese bread or a savory ceaser. In honor of the weather that’s cooling down.. eh?

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