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Turducken Recipe 737x415 - Turducken Recipe

Chef Tom breaks down creating a Turducken step by step. Enjoy!

@#&$ Recipe:

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  1. This is a very long video, so *?#& is a guide to each step:

    1:00 Deboning the Chicken
    6:58 Deboning the @&@% /> 12:10 Deboning the Turkey
    17:29 Seasoning & Stuffing
    23:11 *$@!!$#@@* /> 28:10 Trussing
    30:27 Cooking
    33:31 Slicing and Serving

    Thanks for watching!

  2. By far the best looking *!$?#k&@# I have ever seen. Definitely gonna make one of these again. Haven’t done one since I was a kid just starting out smoking.

  3. Love your videos, however you don’t need to carve out the carcass, it can literally be pulled from the meat without leaving all that breast meat on the carcass.

  4. If I do not have a smoker can this be done in the Oven? Obviously no smoke flavor #t@ do the same temperature and times apply? Thanks

  5. Is there a reason you prefer to #o! most things on the top shelf of the ys640 versus the main cooking grate?

  6. If you fill the sheetpan with #*!?% it !*!# cause the air around the *!&@%!i?% to be dry, @%??##? ensuring the skin is dry, and thus crispy!

  7. Awesome job, Tom. My 7 year old son’s quote after watching this with me, “he makes the best stuff, my eyes are watering a little.” Haha!

  8. wow super time consuming @!$ on the end and do want that slice…awesome I wish one %? #$ do that thx for detail how to

  9. One of the best episodes ever on YouTube! You made this look so easy Tommy! I can’t believe how amazing this looks and how amazing your *i!s&! are. THANKS CHEF🤘
    👍X 1,000

  10. I absolutely love that turkey leg with stuffing! The whole bird looks great. I think this is a great idea, I’d like to try it someday! I’ll call mine turchiduck! Thanks for a great video.

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