Ultimate Banana Split Recipe

Ultimate Banana Split Recipe 737x415 - Ultimate Banana Split Recipe

Let’s just get it out there… banana splits are not exactly trendy. But they are delicious. And this isn’t exactly your average banana split. Not a bit of ‘squirty’ cream in sight. Wait… did we just say that?

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50 Comments on Ultimate Banana Split Recipe

  1. Uhh… Is this banana split for rich people? No ice cream and the banana
    still has the skin on.

  2. Need some explanation on the bananas. Why should they be curved and why did
    you leave the peel on? Neither seems necessary.

  3. Oh my goodness now you’ve done it and @?# Bananas In Pajamas in my head…
    My son loved that show when he was little. I’m not much of a fan of bananas
    but this actually looks good

  4. Why are Bike convos different or am I just biased and stupid and hp*&@&

    Either way they are absolutely cute in this

  5. I thought a banana split needed ice cream. That just seems more like a
    banana dessert to me now. Maybe it’s more of an American thing?

  6. I $&!# not make an innuendo about the bend and firmness of the bananas. I

  7. Yeeeeesss banana-man! Oooh my childhood I’m so happy I watched this video!
    And sorry Ben but you do kinda look like Eric :P

  8. You’ve made a banana split, including all the elements thereof I don’t like
    and without the elements I do. I will now have ice cream with melted
    chocolate to make up for your lack.

  9. Ah Mike is too @#@?i@&?#$ All that was going through my mind when you !@$? /> kept saying Banana was T.O.P screaming Banana haha and Mike said Shiny. So
    i though of SHINee the k-pop band because yeah

  10. Recipe looks great ##& Bananas In Pyjamas is literally the only good thing
    associated with bananas. Is there anything else I could use in the place of
    the banana? Maybe another soft fruit?

  11. On a more serious note, if a person experiences symptoms of *actually*
    *clinical* *depression* for more than 2 weeks, please see a mental health

  12. Are banana splits different in the UK? I would’ve &$#m#*# you would *%* ice
    cream on it, but perhaps that’s just an American thing.

  13. I saw a Mr. Ben Ebbrell in a Casey Neistat vlog about a YouTubers Summit in
    New York City. He seemed so quiet without the other lads, and I really
    wanted to see what his team’s taco looked like.

  14. That was a scream! Mike had a case of the clevers today.

    Thanks @**& I’m going %* o@ try this now.

  15. I dont really like the presentation of this dish since you *?*! need to get
    the banana out of the peel while theyre in the middle of the thing

  16. it’s always so interesting to me to see how foods i$ have the same name
    in some countries but be very different. Living in America, a banana split
    was chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream served with a halved
    banana, and then you could add toppings like whipped cream, chocolate
    sauce, cherries, nuts, ect if you wanted. Was very surprised when this was
    premised with ‘if you don’t have ice cream’

  17. These @&%& seem to live in No-Cholesterol-Land…
    And THAT isnt a banana split.

  18. Awesome I have a horrible day now ? I can make this better than watching
    you or tv that have nothing in it ?

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