Vegan Dumplings Recipe J!a?s&!? Gyoza)

Vegan Dumplings Recipe Japanese Gyoza 737x415 - Vegan Dumplings Recipe (Japanese Gyoza)

These Japanese Dumplings are made with lots of vegetables. Gyoza is easy to make and is absolutely delicious.

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24 gyoza wrappers
2 shiitake mushroom
2-inch piece of carrot
1/2 onion
wedge of cabbage
3-4 stalks chives
1 clove garlic
1 small piece ginger
3-4 pinches of salt
1/2 block firm o@,@ drained well
1 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp potato starch
oil for cooking

(gyoza sauce)
soy sauce
chili oil

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53 Comments on Vegan Dumplings Recipe ?*!$*@#$@ Gyoza)

  1. I wonder why almost every video and recipe involving gyoza always has those premade wrappers.. Are they hard to make or is the person behind the video/recipe too lazy to make their own ones? Would be very e%#!&%! to see how to actually make those yourself # I live in country ??!e* you a#&? really get gyoza or wonton wrapper unless you are willing to travel very far for them.. And at that point you could call them “Most expensive gyoza”

    • We do have a recipe on how to make the wrappers yourself. Please search for homemade gyoza wrappers Tabieats. Thanks

  2. I love your recipe videos! Can you make Chicken Doria? Is it ドリア? I think it is a Japanese/ western/ french fusion dish? Great work on all the cooking videos and I love you guys live stream! So much fun!

  3. i completely agree 100% with you..i love nothing more than chopping and preparing ingredients for a recipe and seeing all the colours laying out. it’s like therapy..taking the time to chop things to the sized i prefer etc gives me more satisfaction when it’s all done because I’ve not cut corners and I’ve done it all’s more gratifying that way. these look absolutely scrumptious 😍.i can’t wait to “attempt” these 😅.. this is the only channel i ever attempt anything you guys make. you guys remember we’re just normal people and not all chefs 😅 and i must admit..the things i have attempted to copy have all turned out great because you make things so easy to follow so thank you😍😘🤗

  4. I’m glad I have the bell icon clicked for you u@?!! because this video still doesn’t appear in my Subscriptions feed, only in my e-mail notifications. :p Sure wish they’d sort that out. Anyway, nice video. 🙂

  5. %@%@$*&% San with you and &?!%*%* San cooking a lot, you should make a cooking book with your recipes.

  6. looks so good. a great alternative dipping sauce would be to use Ponzu *@@?!ee* citrus-flavored soy sauce) and Sriracha. no vinegar needed. thank you for this. more vegan recipes, please!

  7. Thanks for this! These look really delicious. I had a friend from China who made gyoza for me with various &%!? fillings; one recipe was almost like this. She also made one recipe with egg, green onion, garlic, and ginger that was amazing. In e#@ part of China, it was more common to boil the dumplings. They were so good! Thanks for the video, and I send good wishes to you both. Hugs!

    • TabiEats PS Regarding crying while chopping onions…if you have any goggles at $#%@$ like you might use for swimming, *?*$**? or even &!%% repairs, they say that helps. Try wearing them while slicing onions next time. Also, they say keeping your knife well-sharpened helps to reduce the problem. Good luck!

  8. I feel yah! Union make me emotional to 😪😪.. with out the drama. 😂 for real Ill try it looks so Moshi Moshi 👏👍

  9. YES, vegan gyoza!!!! So happy to see this vegan recipe from you u$#@# More vegan tutorials please!

  10. love this vegan gyoza guy thank you =) will definitely try this at home thank you guys very much

  11. Thank you both! Love this recipe. Something delicious AND healthy! Can’t wait to try it …

  12. I literally made gyoza last night! 80 pieces of beef and cabbage. So YUM! I didn’t have gyoza wrappers, so used dumpling ones. Still turned out great! My biggest tip…. you need fresh ginger. It’s key! And, I love tons of scallions in mine. quick question tho… since you’ve made them many times (this was only my second try!), why did some of mine puff up with steam in the process of pan frying/steaming/browning them? They were sealed well and didn’t burst, %*! looked like a puffy balloon. any tips or advice would be much appreciated! Luv you @!*??@@

  13. At Christmas we make a cornflake Christmas tree and yes I know that there isn’t a lot of cooking involved #$& we decorate it and decide what kind of candy bar we want to use for the trunk

  14. They looked so yummy! When I win the Lottery, I’m o$!%$% to *&*%# and hiring you &y$% #$ my personal chefs and tour guides ❤

  15. 自炊はヴィーガンなので早速作ってみます🙋キャベツの芯は胃薬のキャベジンの原料なんですよジャスティンは一番体にいい部分を食べてて賢いです👍

  16. It’s **@?? to me that you are talking about cutting by hand. I honestly do a lot of my chopping/dicing/julianne while watching your videos!!! lol For me… I find it therapeutic 🙂

  17. Omg !!! this seems to be so delicious ! i was waiting for a vegan version of gyosa for so long ! thank you guys for making my belly happy 😁

  18. Might I suggest a nut sack…ya, I know…. You can get them for making nut milk, soy milk and other items you want to squeeze the water out of. They are very handy ….lol
    Ok, I’m done now.
    Seriously though that looks so tasty

  19. I wonder if I can get my kids to eat this. I’m definitely going to try this out. Thank you!

  20. This is Cat from
    Brooklyn NY!🐱

    YO! Thanks! My daughter is Vegan! I will give her the recipie. Is there something you can use instead of mushrooms? She doesn’t like them! THANKS AGAIN!

  21. I’m always super excited to see a#!&#$&* dishes veganized! Considering I might move there someday, I was always a little concerned !& traditional ?@$$?s*$ cuisine has so much fish and different meats @%* these videos really give me hope :> plus you guys are literally my favorite Japanese foodies❤

  22. I agree with chopping the old ?!h@%*d&% way! Somehow it tastes better when you do it all by hand. Besides…I don’t want to wash the food processor lol!

  23. Nostalgic moment…cooking holiday meals with family and remembering the host (My oldest sister) getting everyone else ?* !& all the work including clean up smh lol

    • I made Maanchi’s mandu years ago and then cooking with dog’s gyoza. I’m trying to reduce the meat in my diet s? much $$ possible right now so this is perfect for me. Thank you so much, @#@* If I have a taste for meat I’ll make your mother’s original recipe, too. 💚

  24. Great video! Alternatively I always add rice vinegar (either white or black) in place of water for the steaming part. It works great #? well!

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