Vegetarian Mincemeat Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

Vegetarian Mincemeat Recipe Noreens Kitchen - Vegetarian Mincemeat Recipe ~ Noreen's Kitchen

I have had so many requests for mincemeat pie that I had to make mincemeat. When you go to the store to buy this it is absurdly expensive for what is in it and you get the added bonus of ingredients you may or may not enjoy. This mincemeat is super easy to make with ingredients that are readily available at the market.

Traditionally brandy is called for in this recipe. I did not have any on hand so I used Cointreau and orange liqueur and it tastes amazing!

You can choose to add to or take away from this recipe. I plan on making other versions of this delicious holiday treat in the future!

I hope you give this recipe for mincemeat a try and I hope you love it. I will be using the mincemeat in some other recipes to come soon to my channel!

Happy Eating and Happy Holidays!

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19 Comments on Vegetarian Mincemeat Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen

  1. This is a great recipe Noreen. I don’t care for suet either. Lovely story
    also about your pastors mum. Thank you :)

  2. Thank you so much for doing a mincemeat recipe. I’m not conceited to think
    you did this because of my request lol, but you’re the best!!!!. Much
    wishes for a happy holiday, and a wonderful new year for you and your
    family!!!!! :)

  3. I love mincemeat and homemade is the only way % !%? I use it with filo
    pastry, add more apples and nuts and make it into a kind of mincemeat
    streusel. Delicious.

  4. Thank you thank you thank you
    I wanted to make this but when I found out it was ‘processed’ I just
    thought forget it….
    I’m so happy?

  5. Noreen, you are now my Queen!!!! My father loved loved loved minced meat
    pie and he got me hooked on it as well. This looks AMAZING!!!

  6. “Nonesuch” mincemeat filling . . . do they still sell it? I would rather
    make your’s! I love mincemeat u?& hated the store bought. That recipe looks
    just right!

  7. I can’t wait to see what you bake with this! I love it !!!! Been looking
    for an easy to make minced meat for years. I came across one that called
    for diced green tomatoes a long time ago but I didn’t like it and no one
    else did either. Thank you so much. Oh Yes, that pecan pie of your’s,

  8. It’s not mincemeat without the meat! LOL I’m sorry vegans…..this old boy
    was raised on meat in our mincemeat. We always made it when we butchered
    hogs and that was many, many times a year. Still love to butcher and make
    the mincemeat pies. Great video!

  9. Interesting and excellent timing. My sister can’t eat mincemeat s# she has
    gout. She has to limit her intake of beef otherwise suffers terribly; this
    may be an option. I made green tomato mincemeat years ago and it was good
    too. Now you have me thinking of mincemeat tarts, mincemeat matrimonial
    cake, mincemeat in six week refrigerator muffins (just a good tablespoon or
    two for flavour)…

  10. My mom and aunts made and canned mincemeat at the end of the harvest
    season, using green tomatoes put through the grinder, apples, currants,
    raisins, sugar, spices, vinegar, and a very small amount of suet. Mincemeat
    is my absolute FAVORITE pie.

  11. !? Noreen, I love all your videos. I had no idea what mincemeat was. I
    always just thought it was something gross. this looks delicious. Thank you
    for opening my eyes to so many things in your videos. I really learn learn
    a lot from your videos. I appreciate it. I was wondering, what would you
    suggest as far as tools for kitchen? I heard you said restaurant supply
    store. What would you purchase from there for your kitchen?

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